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The black mamba

In a northern apartment in the late 1980s, a neighbour finds two cousins, aged 15 and 22, dead, naked in
The worst thing about us
| 16 May, 2018 |

Late’80s. The country, about to explode for the umpteenth time. In an apartment in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, a neighbor finds two cousins, aged 15 and 22, naked in their bathtubs. Because of the degree of decomposition, the experts risk that they have been dead for about two months.

The first conflict arose when the owner of the apartment stated that only 48 hours before one of her tenants was not only still alive, but that she had also asked for her phone number to call the doctor because her cousin had a fever. The police questioned the doctor who came to the call, who confirmed that he had fever lines, so he gave him a fever reducer and left. He claimed he didn’t see anything unusual.

The bodies, far from giving any answers, generated more questions: they did not have any impact from knives or firearms, they did not have carbon monoxide poisoning, they had not drowned. The cause of death and the speed of decomposition was a mystery. They questioned the major’s boyfriend. He didn’t look framed. The only thing the judge records, because it catches his eye, is that he works at the zoo.

Four months later, investigating for another case, one of the experts discovers that the venom of an African snake called Black Mamba accelerates the process of decomposition of its victims. He tells it to the judge, who takes it as his main hypothesis. She remembers the groom and his work. He asks his assistant to find out if the zoo has a snake house. He has. See if there’s any Mambas in the serpentarium. There are. Without wasting a second, the arrest warrant is released and they go to look for the, now, main suspect. He’d already eloped. The judge asks for new expertise on the bodies of the premiums, at least to confirm the reason for death. The forensic experts didn’t know how to explain to him that the bodies were still in the cold rooms, but someone, highly trained because it was not a simple job, had extracted the hearts of both bodies and taken them away. To this day, like the zoo employee boyfriend, they’re still missing.

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