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Are the “basonera” people aggressive?

It is common for people who “get down” often, complain and live having a bad image of their own person

It is common for people who “ get down” often, complain and live having a bad image of their own person, do not cause us empathy, approach or tenderness, but annoying, discomfort, and sometimes even bronca.Is it possible that we feel assaulted by these kinds of people?Aggressiveness is indeed the key. I'm talking about  aggression  and not aggression. Aggressiveness we have to understand it as a natural energy in the human being. It is not positive or negative in itself. It depends on what purpose it is associated with and whether the person's  Self  can make an alliance with aggressiveness that is beneficial for his purposes. It's like electricity. An energy neither good nor bad in itself: It can electrocute us or it can spin the motor of a fan and cool us in summer.Defeating the rival in a sport, wanting to win customers to the competition business, face a faculty end and have the courage to face a love seduction, are examples of a good alliance between self and aggressiveness, that is, the latter put at the service of the good of the person. Instead, people without energy to face projects, those who live complaining about everything and themselves, people who self-punish, are examples of the impossibility or difficulty of making an alliance with one's own aggressiveness. Aggressiveness that would have to go out, project themselves, towards the world trying to obtain achievements, becomes like a boomerang against the person himself who ends up being the victim of himself and his own failed aggressive.The failed aggressiveness becomes, now itself,  aggression  in direct forms such as bad character, the tendency to fight or physically and verbally attack the person who ends up being a victim of himself and his own unsuccessful aggressiveness.jimo, or indirect ones such as failure, complaint, self-reproach, or even even more regressive forms such as hypochondria or psychosomatic diseases.In the framework of therapeutic work, you can draw up the relationship with one's own aggressiveness, and, if the level of “ bajoneum ” is very great, look for their reasons, very generally related to a fundamental loss of something or someone very valuable that has not been overcome.

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