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“Jujuy is Bolivia”

What is the limit of humor? Elizabeth Vernaci's sayings about Jujuy on her radio show generated controversy. We'll tell you
As we are
| 20 February, 2020 |

“ Areyou going to Jujuy on vacation? Can’t you think of a vacation with the sea?” The operator of Elizabeth Vernaci’s radio show, La Negra Pop, had returned from her vacation and the conductor — along with her co-team Diego Della Sala and Barby — started with the jokes. Things started bad and ended worse. Not only did they despise the northern province as a tourist destination, they went far beyond: “Welcome to Argentina. Jujuy is Bolivia, guys, someone has to say it.”

With those words, which pretended to be funny, ended up being offensive and discriminatory. Not only for Jujeños, who were considered , but for Bolivians, with whom they were compared to a derogatory form.

The situation, of course, had repercussions. Gerardo Morales, the governor of the province, was one of those who repudiated the sayings of Vernaci. However, there was someone else who went out to speak for his people, from love and from pride: Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez, who responded first from the TV show in which he participates, Modo Noche, and then from his Instagram.


Sofia Jujuy’s answer

I’m the kind to avoid going to the crash, I don’t like polemics. I always choose to believe and think that people have no bad intentions. Unfortunately I grow up and realize that they exist and it is a pity. Anyway, I DON ‘T THINK IT IS THE CASE OF ELIZABETH V, she clearly has a special mood and code with her listeners, which I respect, but I don’t share! I’m no one to judge anything. I always argue that everyone does what they can. But, as a Jujeña I am, I felt the need to defend my beloved province that is just as Argentina as the rest of those that make up our wonderful country.

We really have to be very proud of the territory we have, full of magic, culture, different regions, traditions, incredible landscapes, which I was lucky enough to know and explore through my work and on vacation too.

So, if you don’t know my dear Jujujujujujujujujuito , don’t waste your time and take advantage of now that Carnival is coming, for example. Great occasion for celebration and celebration.

The limit of humor

Vernaci, after widespread repudiation of his sayings, apologized and made himself available to the INADI. We can all be wrong — it is clear — but it is always important to keep in mind what the limit of humor is. Even more so if, in our eagerness to be funny, we hurt someone else. We are fortunate to have a beautiful and diverse country, in its people, in its traditions, in its landscapes. The

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