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It's just about living, that's the story

Cristina Botindari is a psychologist and researcher. He dedicates his professional life to improve the quality of life of the human being, hand in hand with psychoanalysis. We tell you about it.

  By Maria Cabeza  

Graduated in psychology, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, post degree in psychoanalysis led by who was later dean of the faculty of psychology, Mr. Sara Slavak.

I'm talking about   Cristina Botindari   , tireless fighter, researcher, curious traveller and exemplary mother. Ms. Botindari is dedicated to helping those who suffer from some   pathology   mental so that they have a better life, so that they can not only survive but live in times of love and hatred, flooding their lives with love and empathy.

It's about living. Cristina Botindari states that   “He's going to die living”   And it reminds me of your contemporary, Silvia Bleichmar.

  What does estar sano mean?  
Perceive the world in a friendly way and recognize oneself

  How does therapy help?  
It helps to know oneself, fundamentally that.

  What do you think about coronavirus?  
Coronavirus? That's what we all thought was ever going to happen: a bacteriological war, here it is. We have to try to understand what's going on so we don't get sick.

  That thing that doesn't kill us strengthens us. Phrase made?  
It depends, it's a phrase made, indeed. Reiterates the question aloud and calmly unmatched answers:   “Strengthens if one has to endure suffering; it depends on the structure of each one, one cannot say a generality”   .

In her vast career, this woman with serious and friendly voice, free hair and tender eyes, interviewed many, remaining in her memory -among others- the brothers   Schocklender   who confesses to me:   “Yes, I was with them in jail. They're not bad people. Actually, over time, I realized that the eldest is a perverse but not in the sense that people think it. I don't believe in the story with the mother; I do think it's a deeper perverse and self-centered, of a special intelligence, rather analytical.”  

  What do we human beings need?  
To be loved, ever since we are gestated. The loved one is a guarantee, I don't know if of happiness, but of being well and choosing well in life.

  Should we make the unconscious conscious?  
It is always good to make the unconscious conscious, then you know who it is and where the thing goes.

  Who did Silvia Bleichmar go to you?  
Silvia, a teacher, a special woman, a friend.

  What is being positive?  
No, no, I don't use the term to be positive! Human beings are positive or negative depending on circumstances. Actually what you need to have is desire, the huge craving for life. Desire is what sustains life.

  Do you want to add something else?  
No, that's all.

It seems that I was conducting the interview; I share a secret: it was not the case at any time. This woman, with her   intellectual capacity   intact his seventies and so many, with that voice that is wrapping, that elegant gesture of the one who plays Swan Lake, his hands on his chocolate skirt... captivated me and let myself go, hypnotized.

Tonight is Luna de las Flores night. I just saw her. Thank you.


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