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Introduction to the elementary Salteño vocabulary

If you go to Salta, you will listen to a set of words typical of the Salteño vocabulary and you
How we talk
palabras propias del vocabulario salteño
| 09 November, 2019 |

Each place has flavors, aromas, uniquemusic and landscapes, but also a unique way of speaking and expressing themselves. In the north, we have the Salteño vocabulary. They are a set of words whose meaning is probably understood only by the inhabitants of that province.

If an outsider visits Salta, he may feel overwhelmed, surprised, or confused to hear some expressions. “What churito”, “chui” or “comamos anchi” are very common expressions in the Salteño vocabulary. So we tell you what 10 of these words mean, so that on your visit to Linda you catch every word they’re saying to you:


It is a popular sautéño dessert prepared with semolina of yellow corn, lemon and oranges. It’s a typical dessert of the place, so when you hear this word of the Salteño vocabulary, you’ll know that the proposal is a delicious dessert.


One leg. If you hear the word chunca in a phrase, refer to the legs. You’ll probably hear her often in some football game, a sport that you live with a lot of passion in the north.


A way to charge each other. The ideal would be that person is a child or younger than us. Elsewhere the known as turucutu or horlito . A very visible position with parents who carry their children mounted on their shoulders or back.

Pile paw

A relaxing practice, especially in places like Salta and northern Argentina, where the heat hits hard. It means walking barefoot. without shoes or something that prevents the contact of our feet with the floor.


If anyone turns to you like a churchie, stay here. Don’t worry because it means something good. The word serves to indicate that Someone is nice, cool, cool or cheerful.


It has two uses, one of them is to identify dogs mestizos or who have no races. The other is used to refer to a dog small, increasingly seen in our society.


It is the ball of coca leaves placed in their mouth who “coquean,” is also known as accuse.


Word very heard in a fight, because it means head-on: “Give him a shot”


It is a widely used expre sion in the Salteño vocabulary, but not exclusive, is mentioned throughout the north. It means cold, it is often heard when something cold touches our body.

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