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You're talking about the faso, ladies and gentlemen.

That cannabic terminology comes out so you don't feel out of tune. Porro, faso, bud and their minions joined the chat.

How we talk

 Marijuana  is a substance consumed since prehistoric times. The years run and she continues to take root in various people throughout the globe. He does so  by sowing  his most  loyal lovers  and also,  determinants enemies  . Between the Beatles separated, world wars took place and Pity Álvarez was imprisoned. With this we do not make an  apology  to its use,  we are translating a reality  .  Of the many that exist . Then, around him a  culture  was generated that includes  codes, practices and even indirect references  to avoid their  demonization  .  Floripondio, faso, cogollo, porro and gluttony  are some of the terms  that make up an extensive dictionary  about it. If this generates intrigue, follow the reading, please .

 Faso, porro and churro 

No, the first word does not refer to the Argentine Federation of Otolaryngology Societies. Porro, faso and churro are synonyms. They are the three most commonly used expressions by Argentines to allude to cannabis cigarettes.


Commonly, it is the part of the marijuana plant that is smoked. They are the so-called “flowers” that grow from it. However, this is a very broad term in the world of botany. In this sense, it covers concepts such as yolk, bud and represents a whole underworld when it comes to palm trees. But, returning to our theme, the bud ends up being the content that goes inside the joint. Epa, what chain of meanings are we putting together little by little.


Feeling of unstoppable hunger that occurs in instances after smoking joint. They say that it doesn't discriminate food groups. Every consumer has his preferences at this point. Some prefer salty, while others opt for sweet. Even, in certain people it ends up getting a big problem due to the weight gains that can be generated. There are those who define it as a moment of enjoyment and an important part of the cannabic ritual.


Extreme care at this point. Cannabis and floripondium are not equivalent. Arboreal Brugmansia, commonly known as “floripondium”, is a species of shrub plant native to South America. However, since pre-Hispanic times it spread throughout most of the American continent. This has hallucinogenic properties, which could generate poisoning if not dosed responsibly and with caution.


It is part of the cannabis tradition. These three digits open multiple doors in the imaginary of those who make up that culture. Over the years, it became a mysterious and accomplice code among consumers. This is due to the clandestine, and sometimes illegal, status of the substance. It can be used to name it indirectly or as a form of appreciation to it. In parallel, it is used to evoke a schedule, 4:20, time to smoke a faso. Finally, it refers to April 4, the date on which International Marijuana Day is commemorated every year.


Tremendous bonus track that could not be missing within the list. Journalist Eduardo Feinmann personally took care that this word was irrevocably attached to him. Argentine society, almost unanimously, uses it in his honor. The reasons are in the countless times that the term said to the air alluding to marijuana cigarettes. Porro and faso are also part of the enumeration he does, but charuto will always be his favorite and more repeated. Thank you so much, Feinmann.

Publication Date: 01/04/2021

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