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Yes you can see

A phrase that we see everywhere (in chats, in networks, in memes) whose origin perhaps some do not know. Did
How we talk
| 30 January, 2020 |

There are two types of people: who watch The Simpsons and those who don’t watch The Simpsons. Those of the first group are able to relate any life situation with a chapter of the series. Dialogues are known by memory, they have WhatsApp plagued of related stickers and look at those who don’t understand their jokes as if they were from another planet.

Those in the second group may have looked at them (who hasn’t), but they don’t handle the levels of extreme fanaticism of others. The first, however, are many. So many who managed to make that, for some time now, we are all repeating a phrase from The Simpsons constantly, perhaps without knowing it: You can seeit.”

Who is the author of that phrase? Not It was Homer, no. It was his father, grandfather Abraham who, back in the 60s, is shocked to see an American football player with sideburns and long hair and, instead, gets undone in praise for another with well short hair, and says, “You can see that haircut.”

Hence, the phrase that we repeat without stopping arises. That we see in memes, in chats, in social networks. Again, all thanks to The Simpsons.

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