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What’s the name of meat in Mendoza?

The asado is an Argentine classic. But meat cuts are not the same across the country. Some recommendations for when
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gente sentada alrededor de mesa de madera
27 January, 2020

The Argentinian is like that. Where he goes, he wants to eat roast. In Patagonia they will offer lamb and in the north you will be tempted by empanadas. But after a couple of bites, the Argentinian wants to roast. Then, determined, he goes to the nearest butcher shop in the village where he is, in the province of duty he is visiting. And, in his “language”, he will order the typical meat cut that he always gets in his hometown. And trouble begins.

The butcher tells him that such a cut doesn’t exist. They’ve taken pride in an Argentine steakhouse. How are they gonna tell him that the cut he always buys doesn’t exist? And it gets worse. He tries to explain with signs and onomatopoeia the shape of his favorite court. Nobody understands anything. The butcher calls his partner. He asks if you know what your client is talking about. Oh, nothing. No suspicion. The Argentinian grill filled his patience. Look, a little further, the chicken tray. And order breast. Everybody gets it. Pay. He’s leaving. Angry. Dissatisfied. Thinking about the dry bite of chicken he’s gonna put in his mouth. When he just wanted a piece of meat.

This situation can be avoided on your trip to Mendoza by reading this note. We recommend the richest cuts of meat . Also cuts that are sold universally in Argentina, but with different names.


As the name suggests, it’s the cow’s ribs. By is usually sold according to its approach to the spine. And you ask first, second or Third cut. Being the first round bone cut with more meat and, the third, flattened bone and with less meat. In Buenos Aires it is known as a strip roast.


It’s the same ribs, but very finite cut. So general the width of the rib is “measured” in fingers. One to the butcher tells with the index finger, or the index and middle, how wide you want the rib. The flag is the one that measures only the finger index. Finite. Hence his name. The bone looks like mast and the flesh, the Flag. Round and round.


What Benes Aires call ribs. It is not used in the roast . That goes to the grill, with puree and salads.

Back tip

Typical of the Cuyo region. It is a cut that accompanies what we call ribs, but we don’t He’s got bone. Fibrous but tender. Thin cut and triangular shape. It never weighs. more than 2 kilos.

Butcher’s Roast

Tasty cut, with leather. It can weigh more than 2 kilos. With the just fat to give it a unique taste. It is often accompanied by false implication.

You know the rest. Here you also eat empty, spider, guts, guts, gizzs, chinchulines, roast lid, chorizo and black pudding.

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