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What does gaucha mean?

The term that designates the gaucho woman was mutating over time. Gaucha is another word whose use should be reconsidered.

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qué significa gaucha

In times of   inclusive language  , it becomes clear that the uses and customs of our speech are not always egalitarian. Out of its strict sense, for example, it is not the same to tell someone that he is a  dog  than to tell him that he is a  dog  . Not to mention the  cat , which is used to define  women  as is, in masculine. But an even more particular case is that of the term  gaucha .

Taking as reference what the RAE says (which, although somewhat anachronistic, does not leave to be an authoritative word),  gaucho orgaucha   is defined as a “mestizo that, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, inhabited the   Argentina, Uruguay and Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, was a trashumant and skilful rider in livestock jobs” or a “farmer , experienced in traditional livestock work.”

However, the word is also used as an adjective. In that case, the SAR makes a distinction:

 Said about one person : Noble, brave and generous.

 Said about an animal or something:  It provides satisfaction with its performance.

Let us also review the definition of   gauchada  :

Service or occasional favor provided with good disposition.

For some of those deformations of language, the definition of gaucho dedicated to “an animal or a thing” was transferred to people, but not to all people - to  women . So,  gaucha  (female, never in male) ended up being the one that, like animals and things, “provides satisfaction for their performance.” Gaucha, then, is the one that does gauchadas (with a sexual sense, of course), and  that's why it's gauchita , isn't it?

At this time, in which we are all deconstructing ourselves, it would not be necessary to look at what ended this word that simply defined the woman in our fields.

Publication Date: 27/04/2020

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