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What does “bebotear” mean?

We heard it everywhere, but its meaning has been changing. So what does “bebotear” really mean? We tell you our theory.

In real life and on social media, more and more people  are drinking . But do we really know what the term means? Apparently, it all started as a way of defining women who  talk  “bebotas”. That is, in a sexy way and in appearance innocent, but with the clear purpose of seducing. However, over time,  bebotear  ceased to be a term restricted to the way of speaking. And, moreover, it ceased to be the power of women. Ladies and gentlemen,   men  drink too .

On the networks, he  drunk by  uploading a “casual” story to Instagram: a   selfie   in front of the mirror just before go out or a photo snuggled up on the bed. He  drunk with  a pet, even with some nephew. On the  beach , in the mountains, in the bathroom -  anywhere is good to drink. 

But, beboteo:  beboteo is not exclusive to singles . The married or married also drinks  when he does not want to get up from the couch and asks his partner with a horn: “Will you bring me water?”.

 To drink there is no age, no gender, no marital status.   We all drink sometime  , even if more than one gets the misunderstanding. So, before you accuse, raise your hand the one who never  drank .

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