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What are you doing, old lady?

Old: we talk about a word from the Santafesino language that has nothing to do with the maternal figure.

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We Santafesinos  have many and very creative ways to address a friend .  Vieja is a pretty curious one.

I have to say it, and I cut off the way: it can be judged as a  sexist middle note this. It happens that the characteristic we are talking about applies exclusively to male treatment. I have nothing against making any note about girls' own words and I promise to investigate it. But, in this case,  it is an almost self-referential note. The sources are taken from my own experience  and from what I have heard decades ago in oral communication between young men in the city of Santa Fe. Some of the words I'm going to list are very common in Argentina in general. Many of them also share their origin with the lunfardo, with the villero and  tumbero language, which I have been talking about in previous installments. But in the daily speech of Santa Fe they acquire another character. Nice , friendly and even affectionate in the way to address the kids,  the bums with whom we trust.

Thus, with these words whose origin is surely linked to the ingenuity of the most popular neighborhoods, we Santafesinos usually start a conversation saying:  “What do you do machine”, “how do you walk fiera” . And  many other expressions that tend to highlight the “fierceness” (supposed) or the outstanding capabilities of our interlocutor . The terms are countless. There are only a few: tiger, turbine, idol, bonnet, master, crack. In this breadth of praise that we Santafesinos offer to our friends, there is a very special term, the origin of which is difficult to specify. But we'll try to address it on that note: OLD.

 Let no one dare... 

 Vieja is a huge word in the argento vocabulary . But most often it is associated with a very special person. “The old lady” is always a mom for boys. Talking about  the old woman  is talking about mom from masculinity, just like  Pappo painted her, better than anyone else.

For some reason, the word old was extended to the use of the terms I described in the previous paragraphs. If anyone guesses or intuits how this language process took place, I would appreciate it if you explain it to me. I have no idea. It's very settled,  among the lazy  Santafesinos, greet us with an “ old man, how is it going? ”.   Other ways to wear it are  “vieeeeja, don't wear your cap like  that,” or “  old, I didn't understand anything that madman said.”   The  “old man” is also used.   Within an informal language, “old” can be a little less confident. I want to ask a kid on the street, who I don't know, and I say, “Man, can you tell me the time? ”.    To say “old man” I have to be more confident.  

It doesn't have to do with Mom. It is also not related to one thing that is already many years old. No. Vieja is a skinny girl you talk to about anything, naturally.  Particularities of santafesina speech . One of many, this term rooted in a certain young sector.

For my part,  I'll keep investigating.  Do not doubt that when you know more, you readers will be the first to find out. Until then, I greet you in santafesino: see you, old lady.

Publication Date: 12/06/2021

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