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What a churro!

The evolution of words, sometimes, is really surprising. Today we tell you a little bit about what we talk about when we talk about a churro.

How we talk
Que churro

We already know that  language  is constantly evolving. Some  words  are suddenly disused and some new ones appear. Sometimes to name new realities, sometimes to rename the same old ones. But sometimes it happens, even, that a word changes its  meaning : meanings are added to it, uses, and they are loaded with new meanings. What is, for example, a  churro ?

Let's start from the basics:  churros  are a meal. They are the ones we ask on the beach to accompany the afternoon mates (who have not ever been sent “ to fry churros ”?). So far we're all in agreement. Years ago, a  churro  was also a beautiful man: “  What a churro! ”, I heard him exclaim my mom more than once watching some actor on TV.

Now, if we hear someone say admired, “ What a churro! ,” he is probably referring to something quite different. Churros are, for the  new generations ,  marijuana  cigarettes (by analogy in form). One joint, no more, no less. Careful, then, what kind of  churros  we will be praising, because it can lead to more than one misunderstanding.

Publication Date: 21/06/2019

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