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We eat a couple of lyrics

In the main diet of the people of Cordoba we have: fernet with coca, salami from colonia caroia and... we eat a couple of letters. We tell you what they are.

How we talk

As in most of  our provinces,  we love to put some letters, consonants or vowels alike, into our diet. It is that  the magic of the Cordoban language  lies not only  in the tonada  or in the cadence. He's got a couple more tricks you need to know. To say: the use of verbs that are only used  in these lands.    Apodology with a way of life: talk  about the art of naming  all things that have life. Being Cordoba is not just taking fernet and saying  “cuffed”.  It's also not just  going to  the La Mona  dance and taking pritiau (even if I add points to get  Cordovan nationality  ). To be Cordoba, you have to know a lot of tricks. Among them, add  in your daily diet  a couple of letters. Because yes, we in Cordoba eat a couple of letters. We tell you what they are.

 1. The s is a delight 

Obviously, as in almost every province,  we eat  the s. We love it!. Not only do we eat it, but sometimes even transform it into a kind of “j”.   I know  why, don't I?  

Question that we eat the s and, at all, say “lojojo” instead of “eyes”. Did I lie?

 2. The b is quite rich 

The b, when it's in the combo “bs”, bye-bye! We don't even say it... for what? If you understand the same, and it's even easier. In Cordoba we do not observe,  oservamos . We're  going to the ground , not the underground. And we find ourselves with  ostacles , instead of running into obstacles.

 3. We disable the c 

We don't even consider it if it comes in the combo “ct”. So we take the  coletivo , look at the  attrices of the TV, take care of the  batteries and we don't  feel anything . This is why we eat the c and  disable it from our   dictionary .

 4. In this city we do not use d final 

It's like that. If any word ends in d, we let her go. This gives us  peace of mind  and  happiness  . Not to be worried about using the final d is a  total freedom .

Publication Date: 21/08/2020

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