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We Cordobeses are animals

We're animals, or at least that's what we call each other. Our dictionary is made up of the entire zoo.

How we talk

We Cordobeses have   a thousand and one ways to call us   between us. Always with love, but rarely with respect. To draw the attention of a couple, we can call it as   any animal   , and I'm sure he's going to be alluded to. I don't know why, but in Cordoba we use   the whole zoo   in our daily speech.   Our dictionary   it's a beast. Maybe because   we talk like animals   . Maybe because we're a strange species.

  1. Monkey  

We Cordobeses usually do   quite a few monerías   between friends. Capable of that between us we call each other monkeys. When we tell a situation or talk about   our herd   , we mean primates. For example, you can count “we were with   monkeys   there, and he painted a   asau   ”. And yes, monkey,   is it like that   .

  2. Beast or show  

It's a little a compliment to be told   beast   or   show   (which means   monster in cordovan   ).   It's an expression.   who wants to show the admiration that the other person feels for you (put him). We greet each other like this. “What did I do,   Beast? ”   or    How to andai,   show?   ”.

  3. Chancha  

Chancha is a loving way to call us among friends. “Chancha, can I have the pitcher? ”. If they call you chuncha and you're a woman, it's not for insulting you, it's with love. If they tell you chancha and you're a man, they're not     bardeando     .   “Hey, chancha, I don't find you.”   . The term is used for all genders equally.

  4. Faca' and poio  

  Cara'e   can be accompanied by any animal or thing on the planet. It's a constant in our phrases. However, to be   cara'e poio   is the most common thing in the world.


  5. Pescau  

If they tell you that you are a   pescau   Half they're barding you. So look at what   mucus   You're sending yourself, because I'm sure you're doing something wrong.

  6. The classics: pesho y gato  

These animals are more classic. The   dog and cat   are used   across the country   . The cat, more like an insult. And the dog, depends on the context. If you are playing football and yelling “dog” at you, you have to continue training to improve, because they want to tell you   are you very bad   . But if they come to your house and tell you   “hello, pesho”, “tá ó ien”   . Translation: it's all right.

  Color data   - in the rest of the country it is a dog. In Cordoba it is pesho. Don't be confused.

Publication Date: 18/05/2020

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