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Top 7 popular phrases

From Ser Argentino we share the most used phrases and sayings in the interior of Cordoba. I'm sure you ever heard them and, on this note, we tell you their meanings and where they are born from.

 Because when we talk about sayings, sayings or proverbs we expose many aspects of our collective identity.   The research group of the  Faculty of Languages “Las Hablas de Córdoba” conducted a series of  surveys and interviews to reveal  what are the most frequently used sayings in Cordoba Capital, Villa del Rosario, Cura Brochero, Villa de Tulumba, Huinca Renancó and Marcos Juarez . In the top came these phrases that will make you laugh...

1. Having  bone to  gnaw

This expression indicates that someone has another person  to entertain or have sex with, without any commitment  . The metaphor for the  “bone/bone”  could be based on what dogs do with bones: they bury them when they are satisfied and dig them up if necessary.

2. In the absence of bread, good are the cakes

This saying alludes  to people's conformism.   It also has to do with the resignation of what you have to do with what was really wanted as a first option. It originated many years ago,  specifically in bakeries when they had no bread . Customers approaching to buy bread,  offered him cakes,  made without yeasts, so individuals had  to settle in carrying cakes.  

 In the northern Cordovan area, roasted tortillas are the best option. In the mountains, we take the saying to heart.   This can be seen when driving along the routes in the province, as it is very likely that you will cross many sellers of roasted tortillas.

3. The thread is cut to the finest

With use , any type of thread is exposed to cutting . When this happens, surely the exact point at which it is fractionated is the one where it was  less dense, less strong,  that is, where it was thinner, thinner and, of course, less resistant. In our daily speech, we use it to refer to the  weakest people or with the least resources to defend themselves.  Especially when it comes to an issue with unjust resolution, since the saying also shows  the relationships of inequality that exist in our system.

4. At night all cats are brown

It is about warning of the ease that there is, on some occasions,  to be deceived without noticing.  It compares the situation in which  the lack of light prevents distinguishing differences and is used to warn about the deceptions of sight and false appearances.

5. Piss out of the jar

 This phrase refers to dislocating, raising something out of place or doing the wrong thing.  It can be used when someone says or does something “bad”. Another similar saying, among us, is the “e star guitarreando” or “guitarrear” , in the sense of  speaking unfounded,  without knowing in depth the reasons for what is said.

6. Don't shit higher than the ass

This is a very common expression that is used to mark who,  by ostentation, spends above his possibilities .  In turn, it has a small moral, which advises to be cautious about expenses and avoid waste,  since consumption must be adapted to income. Generally, it refers to those people who,  to appear to appear to be economic slack, spend more than they can.  

7. Do not leave puppet with a head

 It originates from a fragment of the work Don Quixote de la Mancha,  in which Hidalgo confuses a representation of puppets with reality  and, noting that some characters harass a lady, decides to do justice by beheading them with his sword  . It is commonly used to refer to  someone who criticizes different people at a meeting . It also alludes to a successful person in his love conquests and, to a lesser extent, describes the moment of anger of one person, which provokes material damage, threatens or insults another.

And in your province what phrases do they use?

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