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Top 4 phrases made in Cordoba

The Cordovan tune and its rhetorical magic is one of the linguistic nuggets of Spanish from Argentina. We continue with
How we talk
24 January, 2020

Thousands of popular phrases, sayings and jokes were born in Córdoba and traveled to reproduce all over Argentina. We made a compilation of expressions that you probably don’t know, because they are born and maintained exclusively in Cordoba territory. So that the next time you meet a Cordovan, you don’t have to go around asking “what?” every time, don’t have to Google the expressions made in Córdoba , we make a brief inventory :

1. What please, not even thank you very much

When a Cordovan asks for something, he suggests it to you. with the verb to have in imperative mode. “ I pass the pritty, so I put together a arremangao.” “Make me invite to the party, you culia.” It’s an order, with a nice tune. But if they ask you like that, it’s better to invite, it’s You better pass the pritty, because it’s kind of like an order. So, pass the Pritty, don’t be a culiá.

2. Ole but, what was it


The expression “Ole meno” is used to make it clear that someone is a little dislocated or exaggerated. The “what what what was”, you can accompany him, to express the concern generated by the situation. It’s kind of hard to explain. But I assure you it will cause you laugh if you hear it. For example, if someone falls in a very scandalous and shiny, the comment would be: “Ole meno, what to want with the brios”.

3. Gone. I didn’t talk.

These expressions are symptoms that everything goes Well, and that you’re not snot. They serve to express agreement and in accordance with the above. They are expressions made in Córdoba, and exclusive to the territory.

If you tell a Cordovan “let’s have a Fernet” and he says “vevó”, put up the jug. Because he repaints your proposal.

If you tell a Cordovan that the day is cute and he answers “I did not chat”, he is telling you that he agrees with what You say. He’s not asking you to shut up, Tamo?

4. Of chest, front sea, front oscar

Another way to express agreement or support for one proposal is the “breast”. Also the expression “facing the sea”, with all its variations: front omar, facing oscar, facing the sea, facing evil, facing march, of front Marcellus, and pffff How many more! … we can continue all day, from chest.

You got it? All these expressions are of people born and raised in Cordoba. Phrases with watermark, that if you hear them you know they were made in Córdoba. And well… That’s how we talk the Cordobes…

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