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To bench the rags more than ever

Argentina is a country accustomed to endurance. To fight the coronavirus, today we have to bench the rags more than
How we talk
A bancar los trapos
| 01 April, 2020 |

Like many of our most common expressions, this one also comes from the courts: bench rags. There’s no need for too much explanation. The rags are the flags of the team, the ones that hang from the stands, the ones that carry the swollen ones from one side to the other. The ones that give strength to players who leave everything on the court. In football, playing rags is always with the team, in the good and bad.

In life, it’s something like that. Him We banked rags to a friend when he’s wrong, when he needs a hold. Bench rags is to be there, despite everything, no matter what. Trust the another and hope that we will get through.

In a country accustomed to endurance like ours, today we need more than ever for everyone to banker their rags. The rags of the government, of the doctors, of all the people who are working so that we can get out of this pandemic in the best possible way. It’s not gonna be easy, but we can all do our thing to help. First and foremost: staying at home. Just like that.

We’re a rather undisciplined people, in which it is common to go left and seize any opportunity for the self-benefit. But this time that’s not gonna work. From this we go out together or We don’t go out. Common sense, solidarity and empathy are the only tools we have to fight coronavirus. Today we have to be united. It’s the only way.

To bench the rags more than ever

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