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This story is cuckoo pee

Have you ever heard that something is “cuckoo pee”? We tell you what this expression means and where it comes from. Do you have any idea?

 “ It's cuckoo pee,”  we usually say the Cordobese when something is very good.   This expression became popular and reached every corner of the country, and there are two different versions of its creation.

 The episode of Monzón 

It was  1974  and Carlos Monzón was going to receive a distinction for his performance in the world of boxing. The delivery would be in charge of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, the mayor of Paris at that time. The official would say a few words and the boxer should only thank.  “ Merci beaucoup,”  were the words that Monzon had to pronounce. But, as we all know, French has sounds that we are not used to pronouncing. So the boxer, along with his coach Amílcar Brusa, journalist Ernesto Cherquis Bialo and businessman Juan Carlos “Tito” Lectoure,  practiced together.  

 “ Merci beaucoup”  here, “merci beaucoup”  from there, so that the pugil memorize his thanks.  “ Merci bocú”  was what he was saying so far and, well, it's all right there.

Until  the day came : Monzón, with a  white tip, climbs on stage, receives the distinction and expresses his gratitude by saying, seriously:  “Cuckoo pee” .

 Abbreviations yan quis

Another story that revolves around the expression  cuckoo pee  is based on the custom of  linguistic borrowing . Argentines usually appropriate some terms, especially English. Words like  jeans, camping, wifi, etc.,  are part of our daily speech. In this case, the appropriation comes from abbreviations,  PP. QQ.   , which in English would mean:  Perfect Quality.   I mean, perfect quality. These acronyms would be pronounced  pipi quiu quiu , but to make  it more creole: pee cuckoo.  

What version do you stay with? Whatever the story, Alberto Olmedo would be in charge of making this expression famous in his sketches and jokes.

 Meaning cryoium 

To make it short and understand well what cuckoo pee means, we tell you some Cordobese words that are synonymous.  Deadly, eselent, good, buenard, pulenta, abuse, criminal, fierce, fry ...

It's perfect, elegant, rich, extremely good, spectacular, better impossible, cute, are some of the meanings we attribute to the  cuckoo pee .

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