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The thousand names of the mate

Mateico, matienzo, matecito, matezuli... mate has as many nicknames as ways to take it.

 In Argentina,  nicknames  are current currency . We chose them to rename those people we want, as a loving denomination, which can have different origins. And if there's something that Argentines want, it's mate.  Mate  is our friend, our companion of meetings and solitary moments. The mate goes with us everywhere, accompanies us on the route, in the square, at work, while we study. Or, simply, while we take mate, and dot.

So how were we not going to have nicknames for the mate ? From the site of  Yerba Mate Argentina , a collection of some of the most common names and also the most ingenious names were made.

 Nicknames for el mate 

 Do you want more? Famous Inspired Ways to Call Mate 

 Out of joke 

With everything we love to mate, it is also important that we know that, in the current context, it is essential to  take precautions  when consuming it. The  COVID-19  pandemic directly impacts our habit of taking mate in rounds of a thousand. But it is possible to continue killing, with the necessary measures.

The  National Institute of Yerba Mate (INYM)  launched the  “Take Mate, Take Precautions”  guide with all the recommendations  to kill in quarantine times .

The publication includes all the instructions to be able to take mate safely:  how to  sanitize  the utensils of the matero kit , how to handle and store yerba with caution, between other things.

In addition, they encourage all Argentines to  remain connected despite distances . At this time, where physical contact has gone into the background, the important thing is to focus on what is really crucial: love for the other, social responsibility, and solidarity towards our community.

Today sharing takes another dimension and mate invites us to be more present than ever, united in another way. Because, whatever happens,  mate is in our identity. 

We can continue to create good and nice moments between us, because we're still connected. Have talks, tell us anecdotes, laugh in the distance, and even cry. Let's continue to share this in virtual matteadas with our family or friends, each with their own matte, bulb and thermos.

 To see the complete guide and learn how to kill in quarantine times, you can go to this   link   . 

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