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The province of los cabezones

Is Cordoba the province of los cabezones or just for fun do we have so many ways to tell the head? We tell you a few.

The syndrome of  “apodology”  is a phenomenon that all Cordoba suffers from. This is the  irrepressible need to give a nickname to everyone we know.  This requires special knowledge in the field of  lexicon and  creativity ,  since  most often  nicknames come from the  physical characteristics   of people  . In this case, we tell  you how we say to the head  in Cordoba. Attentive, you stubborn!

 1. The bocho or the boccha 

As in almost the whole country, because of the round shape of our heads, we say bocho to this part of our body. A  “bocho”  can also be a smart person and a  “bunch”  can be a delay in an exam.

 2. Ball Rearbox 

A little  more spicy  way to tell the heads. As we all know, the ball, bowling, emboca, capirucho, crash, coca or perinola is a toy usually made of wood. It consists of dumping a  large ball  on a stick. That's why  we use this word  to refer to the head.

 3. matte 

This term can be used to name our traditional drink or to name our body part.  “ You blew me my mate,”  may be a  statement of very strong  love    . 

 4.  Testa

 Testa  is an  Italian term , which we take as a  linguistic loan  and keep it forever. In several areas of Córdoba, it is called testa to the head.

 5. Coco, cocuse or excuse 

Because of the shape of the tropical fruit that comes from the palm trees, we say  coconut  to the head. And  we add chimi churri to it,  because we love  spice up the words  with friendly details. Thus came the terms  “cocuse” and “cupuse”. 

 6. Marote 

In some areas of Córdoba we say  marote  at the head.  “ Te wá volá el marote”  is not a pyrope, it is a threat. So you're getting a helmet, because  you're in trouble .

 A little humor 

 Head e' chancho, DirecTV antenna  and head e' chupetín  are some of the  nicknames that we put to the  heads   of the group of friends. Some comments we make to the heads are as follows:

 “ Hey, what did I have there, the stone to block the world?” 

 “ Hey, guaso, what did I have there, a shed above the body?” 

“ Che, big head, did you ask the hairdresser for a budget?Did he tell you he charges you per square meter?” 

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