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The name of the coffee

When you sit in a mendocino cafe, you should have this item at hand, if not, they will bring you anything. That's what coffee is called.

The ways to serve and combine coffee with other products are endless. Each country and every region has its own. However, on occasion,   the name used is the same, but it does not have the same meaning according to the province where we are   . That is the case of Mendoza and the most ordered types of coffees. Given the demand for a spotted, a cut, a dripping or a tear, the Mendoza waiters understand what marks our custom, which can generate an important disappointment in some tourist who feels in the local bars and receives something different from what he had asked for. This is the name of the café in Mendoza.


In a nutshell,   is more milk than coffee   . However, it comes into play, meticulously, how much more milk than coffee we serve. Spotting has very little coffee. A cup of milk is served and, on the foam, add a teaspoon of coffee.   It is asked by those who do not profess much devotion to the intense taste of coffee.  


It's the real name of the café. If one enters one morning to any coffee in Mendoza and ask about what   what people have asked for the most   , the answer will undoubtedly be a “cut”. It comes out almost out of habit. It's about   lots of coffee and little milk   . The initial black of the drink changes to a very dark brown, thanks to the jet of milk that is added at the end. Designed to accompany the famous mendocinas scraped pancakes.

  Inverted cut  

  It's like spotting, but with a little more coffee   . I mean,   lots of milk and little coffee   , but not as little as spotting. It is ideal if we don't want to feel the intense coffee, but we don't want to taste pure milk either. Perfect to accompany the croissants.


  Lots of coffee and just a pinch of milk   . Black color barely becomes lighter. It is almost imperceptible, but for older palates it is very important. Anyone will think it doesn't even notice, that's the same as drinking coffee alone. But no. Those who ask for it every day have already got used to it.

  Inverted tear or dripping  

  An ocean of milk and a puddle of coffee   . That would be the relationship we can establish if we try to explain the proportions in terms of the water mirrors that bathe our planet. The taste of milk is perceived intense, barely, if one concentrates, you can notice that milk mutates its color to a very clear gray. It's basically a glass of milk.

With this glossary about the name of coffee in hand, you can sit at Mendoza tables and place your order. AND,   although some are very similar, each one is perfectly respected   . Someone may suspect that between inverted cut, spotting and tear there are no differences. Error. If you order all three, you will notice the differences in the amount of coffee that has been added to milk, depending on each case. And if you add a latte, you'll finish noticing how different they are. They'll all be milk and coffee. But depending on how much is added from the second to the first, we will get the name of the coffee.

Rating: 3.50/5.