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The mendocino is also “culiao”

It is an expression that identifies the Cordobeses. However, in Mendoza it has been adopted as its own. Read the note and find out more, culiao!

Maybe it was the  Mole Moli  who finished showing the whole country that  the   Cordobbeses   use the word “culiao”,  almost permanently. However, it is known that the inhabitants of that province have incorporated it long before.  And we, the  mendocinos , makes us a little jealous. It is that, almost as if it were something positive, we would also like it to be recognized nationally that that  word  is part of our lexicon. 

When you're a kid, you hear  teens  and adults mention that word. And you think it's an insult.  I once thought, as a child, that I would never incorporate it into my   vocabulary  .  It sounded ugly. The truth is, not well into adolescence, it sticks to you. It becomes inherent. There's no way you don't incorporate it. It's just that  there is no Mendoza who didn't say the word “culiao” at least once in his life . In children, adolescents, adults, grandparents, women, men and in any other type of cases.  The term is among our most common words.  

 What does it mean? 

In order not to enter into unpleasant images or pornographic connotations, the literal meaning of the word we will take it for understanding. But, in Mendoza,  it is applied on different occasions, positive and negative.  On the one hand, we can give someone encouragement and say,  “Give it, culiao, one more lap and you finish the race.”  Or to regret some bad news:  “Uh, culiao, I can't believe you.”  Or to admire us for something someone has done:  “What a culiao, look at the goal he made.”  Or, to verbally assault someone,  “What's wrong with you, culiao?Will you take it?”. 

But it's also used as a  crumb:  “Well, culiao, I don't have any more money, what do you want me to tell you?” or “Did you see, culiao, what happened to Tomy?or “Let's see, culiao, who did that to you? ”. We say that it is used as a crumb because we can perfectly do without that word and the meaning of the phrase will not be altered.

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