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The language of Cordovan love

We throw you some love tips if you have a lover or love Cordovan to conquer. You can't miss these words...

How we talk

We Cordobeses are  chamuyeros and mudsters . But, to have the magic we have when it comes to conquering our loves, we first learned to speak in an original way. These words will be the  “abracadabra” of  love .  It will be that these expressions are a kind of haunting that makes lovers surrender at our feet.

 We don't kiss,  chapamos  

This is the language of love throughout the Argentine territory.  The verb    chapar    is famous in all provinces, but in Córdoba a band is also used! 

 We don't court, chamuyamos 

If it's  chamuyo , we Cordobeses  are experts . If you're Cordovan, you have a  bachelor's degree in chamuyo.  Which not only applies to love relationships, it applies to any context in which it is necessary to sell, or sell.

 We don't talk, we talk giladas 

When we want to chat a little, get a topic or talk about things to lengthen the meeting a little longer,  we talk  giladas. It's not a real conversation, it's just real gilada.

 We don't have sex, we're culiamos 

And yes... I couldn't miss it.  In Cordoba  we are all  culiados  , and everything is related to that verb. So that's what we call our way of having sex in Cordovan territory.

 We don't make love, we're kidn' 

An  embroy is  an entanglement. When the Cordobses get entangled and we stay spoiling each other, we say we're kidding. But also this word can be used for when you arm quilombo. So, muddling has two meanings. One, more like love... and the other, which has to do with quarrels and disagreements.

 We don't see sexy people, we see them rich 

A nice boy  is rich . A pretty girl  is rich.   If they tell you this, it's because they want youwiththe mouth.  So be attentive.

 We don't have a girlfriend, we have guacha or guacho 

Guacha and guacho are the new kinsmen  of this time .  “ I'm going with the guacho”, “I'm going with the guacha” ,  are the fra  se  s we use to let our friends or family know that we are going with our partners.

 We don't have children, we have kids 

That's right, we Cordobeses reproduce and bring kids into the world. We don't bring children, no children.

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Publication Date: 10/06/2020

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