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The eses and their varieties to pronounce it

We tell you what is the pronunciation of the eses in the provinces.

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The Argentine is  mistakenly represented by the Buenos Aires  abroad, since  this is the only one in the country that pronounces with emphasis the letter that  . In all provinces other than Buenos Aires,  people eat, skip or simply switch to this letter  for another. This is the  ranking  of the  most fun ways  to avoid pronouncing such a fundamental letter in the dialect, as is that.


Salta, compression of Eses

Unlike its neighbors jujeños, these carriers of a marked and closed  that  ,  the salteño practically eats the ese   ,  sautées it and  compresses it to the maximum. The technique to avoid its pronunciation is  to put together the word that has one with another that does not ; so, for example when in Salta they mean “what are you doing” they pronounce “questasciendo”


Mendoza, from A to Zeta

Mendocino is the first in our ranking that does not eat the  ese , rather it  replaces it by another letter . In this case,  replacement is a weak zeta  ; it is known from the particularly Hispanized history of the province but this would not be a sufficient reason to justify the change. Likewise, the peculiar Mendoza accent  hides an almost imperceptible zeta  . For example, if you walk through the Cuyo region enjoying a rich wine and you want to indicate that you were already there, instead of saying “I was already” you must adapt and pronounce “ioiaeztado”. In this case, the  ese  should be pronounced as a  zeta  q wants to look like a letter of.


Neuquen, the axes in command

If provincians without  this  are, the  Neuquins  say present.  The consonant disappears  in the province and like Mendoza, Neuquinos replace it with another letter.  In this case,  the silent ax that wants to look like ajack  is what predominates. Many will remember the spot of a politician trying to imitate someone from the inside to win votes; the very badly pronounced “ tajaí ” of that figure reminds a little of the pronunciation of the Neuquino de las eses . The Neuquino, for example says: “what tadoing”; where there is a  silent ax , what actually seems to be in the pronunciation is  a jump, a blow on the double vowel  that exalts it... almost an art.


The northern republic

Although at the beginning of the note we indicate that  in the province of Buenos Aires  and (especially in Capital Federal)  they say the eses, there is an  exception and it is the area north of the capital (first and second ring of the conurban).  Generally,  the wealthiest sectors  of this area have a little strange one.   The consonant, in that case, is  attached to an axbut is not mute  or replace  that , but emphasizes it and makes the  pronunciation more like an LLor a Y  . Thus, northern zone in the mouth of some locals, is pronounced as “shonanorte”.


Publication Date: 29/04/2021

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