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The end of the month in Córdoba

The end of the month in this province is a feast of lexical creativity. Although in economic terms it's a gron. In Córdoba we have special phrases.

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Mes de córdoba

 Because we are Argentines,  we find it difficult to make ends meet, we live day by day. We put all the grip on it to  go through economic crises  and look at them in a  positive way.Because we know how to  adapt    to all circumstances  by putting them humour and cool .  In Córdoba, the time of the  end of the month  is the explosion of creativity. Because it inspires us to find a way to make the moment when we have to express that  we have no money less uncomfortable. In fact, this critical moment that we suffer becomes something funnywhen  we put it in a Cordovan tune . 

 1. Toy tirao 

 Toy tirao or toy will  is the expression we use to say that  we are very close to the end of the month. According to the   popular  glossary  , this expression means  “(pop.) Lacking money, walking in misery or poverty.”  

Another meaning of this expression is  to walk without work, without chores and be  half-lazy .Which would also mean   not having a handle. 

 2. Crispy toy e' dry 

This saying is very famous and the one that makes those who listen to it laugh  the most. The expression “I'm dry” is popular throughout Argentina .  However, in Córdoba, as always,  we put chimichurri in it. We add a stamp that says  “original from the province of the  fernet  and the quartet”.Because we like to use creativity to transform everything that is given .  In this case, we add the  “crispy toy” ahead   .   And there was a cuckoo pee. 

 3. I don't have any coin .

Just like that. Sometimes  the end of the month hits hard  and we really  don't have a coin  or  we don't have a handle  .So, simple like that, with our phrases   we reflect the reality that concerns us.If they invite us to eat a roast, we can answer with the phrase :   “I have no coin,  brother .” 

 4. Bigornia 

When the end of the month situation extends for a long time, we take the courage to ask our loved ones  for help . Whether it's economical or taking part in the vaquitas,  but without paying. If you get together with your friends and everyone puts money, you don 't  eat from above, it's because you  're a bigornia.  

A  bigornia  is a person who  plays the bill  , smokes your cigarettes and  never has what it takes , so they ask you to. Bigornia aren't bad, they're just  pedigüeños ... and, if the  Cordobes are short of scruples , bigornia can't tell you.

 5. Laucha 

This is what we say in Cordoba to  people who are stingy, selfish or pijoteras.The most widely known national term for these personalities is “rat” .  But here we modified it a little to give it the  Cordovan trademark  . Another way we like to address these kinds of beings is by calling them “coluda rat”.  To  emphasize and exaggerate  as much as possible.

 6. Hose 

It is the preferred verb of l os laucha and bigornia . It means  asking in disguise,  like the one who doesn't want the thing, what you need,  you can  screw money to your old people, your friend's money, food from above. Actually, you're supposed to  borrow when you hoist , so you should return it sometime. However, in Córdoba we do “ God pay” or “give it back to you”.  

 7. The face is pesho 

 A cara e'pesho  is the expression we use when  we go from faces  and hose a cara e'pesho. Directly unscrupulous and without taking into account the economy or the reality of the other .  But above all,  we don't care  much what others think.

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Publication Date: 29/07/2020

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