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The Cow Tied

When someone is going through a good economic moment, they have “the cow tied”. But where did the saying come
How we talk
| 01 February, 2020 |

Juan is the lifelong neighbor of our neighborhood. The good man finished high school with the right thing and then went on to work informally, and to make changas. He has a large family and always cost him, but managed to bring a plate of food home. However, this has changed for some years. New car, private education and travel for the whole family. It’s just that our neighbor put up a pizza place. He did so well that, after a few months, he opened another one. And another one. And today he’s the pizza boss. Then we can say that Juan has the cow tied up.

It is a saying that relates to the economic, to refer to abundance that a person has in that sense. However, sometimes it can be applied also for the times of bonanza that someone can go through in terms of emotional, loving, political, etc.



truth is that the saying was born during the last part of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. That era when being an agro-exporting country was enough to integrate us into the world and be one of the strongest economies . In this context, the wealthiest families and large landowners enjoyed an extravagant holiday in the moments of rest. The preferred destination was Europe, especially Spain, Italy and France, countries of origin of the large number of immigrants who arrived in our country at that time.

The truth is, obviously, the thousands of kilometers that separated us from the old continent were traveled by boat. Long days of navigation that was not easy to bear, especially for entire families. Not however, some were given certain luxuries such as carrying one of the many cows that raised in their fields so that they can supply fresh milk to the children. The cow was going tied in the warehouses of ships. This gave the image of a good pass economic, was a luxury that only few could afford. Over time, this will be consolidated as a popular saying to express that someone is very well economically.

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