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The colors according to the Cordoba

We will tell you what colors we handle in the land of Cordoba. I think they're very different from the
How we talk
cuáles son los colores que manejamos en la tierra cordobesa.
| 12 January, 2020 |

We Cordoba have a very particular way of speaking and looking. This makes it even look like we’re a separate country. But luckily not: we are still Argentines. However, there are issues that change abysmally. It will be a matter of humor or differentiation, we don’t know very well, but for some reason we change everything. The Cordobes have our own color palette. And this one is very famous, it is used in all jokes, and clearly on all occasions when we need to talk about colors. It’s not that we’re colorblind or that on our earth the colors are different. Is that our way of h ablar reflects the way we see things: always with humor . We tell you what are the most used and known colors in Córdoba:

Amariio Duckling

Not yellow, not amarisho. In Córdoba it is said “amariio”, in case you lack the references, we add that it has to be amariio duckling, and not just anyone.

Green Boteia

To have better references and not never make mistakes, we have to accompany with some object. In this case, the Green is always green boteia. Like the fernet, or the wine.

Mashon Poshon

The brown in the land of the fernet is mashon. It happens that we have a particular way of saying the “r”, like the ashasswe. So the mashon, in our tiesha, is pronounced and perceived like this. And since we have little beer porronies, it’s mashon poshon de bisha. Too bad?

Black Culiau

And well, it couldn’t be any other way. In the color palette the “black culiau” is the most used, and the most funny. It is a color that even tells you jokes!

Now that you know the colors of Cordoba, don’t get confused. In this province, the dictionary brings us many surprises. And especially in the colors, it’s not because of our color blindness, it’s because of putting a wave on the color scale . Always with humor and joy we describe our reality making it more sympathetic.

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