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Characterizations of a Cordovan

Cordobeses can be good or bad, funny or foolish. That's why we have a word for each type of personality.

How we talk

Some theorizers of the     Cordovan culture     they say that Cordobeses have a disorder:   apodology   . This is a disorder that forces us to   put them   nicknames         to all the people we know. The   “face and na”   ,   “the pelau”   ,   “The Alfajor de Poio”   Even without having confidence, we're getting away with some other nickname. It's like this: we love it.   characterize others   . This phenomenon is related to wanting to tell what people we know are like. We're interested in making more or less a profile. That's why we have words for every type of quality or personality. We tell you a little bit.

  1. Cordovan is not a good guy, he's pulenta  

God knows where it comes from   this expression   . But everything that is   “pulenta”,   for a Cordovan, it's okay. A person piola, copada, good vibes is a person pulenta. If they tell you you're pulenta, take it as a compliment.   And what a compliment!  

  2. Cordovan is not a cheerful guy, he is a laugh shout  

For the rest of the country, we Cordobeses are   funny or funny   . But among us, we say that we are”   a shit of laughter”   . This is because eschatology is a constant in our vocabulary. And bue,   is what is there   .

  3. Cordovan is not useless, it is a otario  

This one   expression   It's a little strong. And multi-purpose. Between friends, we tell each other a lot, but with love. If you tell a stranger, clearly   are you bardeando   . Being an otario is to be useless, boludo, half gil.

  4. Cordovan is not silly, it is a pescau  

In the Republic of Cordoba, the giles are “pescaus”. The term comes from the word “fish” which, by habit and habit, we Cordobeses transform into something else. We already talked about how we like to shorten words and make everything that ends in “-ado” become “-au”. And, well, we give everything   our touch   .

Publication Date: 20/05/2020

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