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That’s so cool.

Nothing nicer than meeting someone cool, huh? But where does that term come from? Why do we use it so
How we talk
| 08 February, 2020 |

I propose an experiment: I chose a WhatsAppgroup, any one, and I wrote in the search engine the word “cool” or “cool”. How many times does he show up? Even if we don’t realize it, there are many terms that we use with a much higher frequency than we would imagine.

How cool!” , “is “I drink”, “I drink”. Phrases like that are part of our daily vocabulary. We don’t say cool, funnyor cool. We say copado or copada —as an adjective—and I drink —as Verbo—. If something’s very good, it’s cool. If a girl is very nice and fun, it’s cool. If you’re on a plan, you ‘re cool. And so.

But where does the expression come from? According to the RAE, someone is cool when they are “excited or fascinated with something.” That’s what we mean when we “drink” something or someone. But, in Argentina, we also use it to describe the object or subject of our enthusiasm: that’s why we say that this girl “is cool” or that a place “is cool”.

Anyway, there’s nothing better than meet cool people and, luckily, here we have a lot: those people who are they turn on all, which give a good vibe to any situation and radiate a energy that makes us feel like having them around.

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