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Talk well or do porteño?

In Mendoza, when we hear that someone speaks without an article before the name or pronounces the “s” well, we call it Buenos Aires. Right? No.

How we talk

First of all, an evil must be explained that, surely, must weigh the inhabitants of the province of Buenos Aires. And it is that,  for us, they are all “ porteños ”.  Somebody ever explained to me that it wasn't. But, in the past, the Buenos Aires was only one who lived and performed in the port. However, over time, and by extension, they were called that:  the inhabitants of the province, and also those of Capital Federal.  

Once this is clearer, let's go to what we have to do.  Inside , in general, but in Mendoza, in particular, when we hear that someone speaks and pronounces correctly, we already called it “porteño”.  And we sense that this person speaks like that because “he wants to do the  copada .” And, not to mention, when  the article is not prepended  to refer to a proper name.

Some examples

We will explain everything with examples. If a person says “cashate”, to refer to the imperative of the verb “shut up”, he is doing the porteña. If someone says “let's talk outside” (highlight the marked pronunciation of  the letter “s” ) instead of “vamo a speak outside”, Buenos Aires is being done. And directly disqualified from the talk is the one who goes to sleep at “Manuel's thing” instead of going to “the Manuel.”

However, in a bathroom of humility,  we must admit that the subject here is that inside  we speak , or pronounce, lousy.  If we refer to the manuals of our language, in Spanish, we will see that   the article  before the name is not used  , even if we have adopted it as a regionalism. And the subject of the letter “s” is the most obvious. It's just that  the norm says that the “s” before a vowel must be sound. While the one that is before a consonant, it must be aspirated.  

For example, in the phrase “let's watch a movie”, the letter “s” should be highlighted. But, in the phrase “my cat's hairs are brown,” the letter “s” should be vacuumed and bring it almost to a sound of “h”.

Perhaps, the only thing they should correct in  Buenos Aires  is the subject of the pronunciation of “sh” when referring to double L. Although, in short, it is a regionalism of “ the porteños”.

Publication Date: 30/08/2020

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