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Take away

At the time of promoting a product or service, the English phrases have gained ground. They're cancheras. Sounds better “take away” than “to go.”

 English is the universal language . That was the concept of many  previous generations . And, the truth is, they weren't mistaken. Anyone who has been able to travel to a non-Spanish-speaking country will have realized that,  regardless of the official language, one can communicate speaking English . Another resounding phrase is that “Chinese is the  language  of the future.” Future which, of course, has not yet arrived. It is true that the Asian giant is advancing economically and that its culture and its inhabitants are increasingly globalizing. But, still, they are still far from installing their language with the popularity that English has been installed. “Take away” sounds better than “” (dai zou).

Perhaps, from past centuries, with the Industrial Revolution in between and the transatlantics connecting and globalizing the planet,  the English terms were coined. And this happened to our most recent and contemporary history.  So, some terms emerged that we review below:

But these are just a few of the dozens of examples we can cite, such as the words casting, boom, staff, mail, co-working, trending topic, hashtag, like, influencer, fanpage, test or cash. 


However,  there are a huge number of people who oppose this idea. On the one hand, there are those who oppose this idea for a generational theme.  Many times, even the letters from a fast food shop are usually in English, with some clarifications in Spanish. A person in years will not be interested in a “double cheese burger”, but a “double cheeseburger”.

But the reason is not only generational.  There are many staunch advocates of our  language , Spanish, Argentine Castilian.  Those strongly oppose the installation of other language terms in our conversations. And, considering that language is part of the culture of any non-nation people, they are not at all wrong. These people will never buy a “to take away” loin.

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