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Tá good in Cordoba

We Cordobeses are a little exaggerated, and very creative. We have a thousand ways of saying something is ugly or cute, good or bad in Cordovan.

It is law: if you are Cordobés, you have   a thousand ways to say   that you like something or you don't like. Between us, we have   nues     t     ros codes   and we understand what we mean. But, if someone comes from outside, most likely they will not understand what we are talking about. That's why we came up with a scale of   degrees of quality   of things. And, in reality, it's not just quality - these terms are used for everything. For the rich, the ugly, the cold, the hot: whatever! But it's very important that you know what we're meaning, for example, when we say something.   “Tá pulenta”   . Can you think of it? Or what do we want to express if we say “uh, that   is fierce”   ... would you understand what we're talking about?

That's why, here we leave you a   short scale of values   Cordobeses     . And also, an explanation so you know what each expression refers to.

  1.   Mortal/Mortalazo  
  2.   Abuse  
  3.   Criminal  
  4.   Fierce  
  5.   Alevoso  
  6.   Pulenta  

All these terms have a   positive connotation   . They are used to enhance the quality of what we are praising. “This fernet   is mortalazo   ”. “Look, nero, the shirt I bought myself:   you're pulenta   ”. Did I lie?

If a kid or a kid   is it criminal   , it's because it's   a bomboncito   . Or it can also be said   “uh, that crime crime.”   . It can also be used for food, drinks, clothes, or whatever. Like all the adjectives we're describing.

Others that we mentioned above are the   abuse   and   alevoso   . You probably know these terms. But, in Cordoba, we use them from   a different way   . Something abuse means it's something good abuse. However, this term can also be used to tell someone that it is exaggerated, or enlarged. “Oh, don't get abused with coke, culia, it's going to be flirtatious or fernet.”   Endei?  

With these terms, you'll arm the   Cordovan dictionary in positive   . Everything cute, good, rich, beautiful and beautiful life can be described with these   comic and poetic expressions   . Created made in   Cordoba   , and available for any use you want.

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