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Smoking: a verb with more than one meaning

What does it mean when we say we “smoke” someone? We tell you this second meaning of the verb “smoke”.

In  Argentina  , we don't all smoke...  cigarettes  . But, apparently, we all smoke a person, thing or situation every time. Or not? In our ever-original repertoire of  words , smoking has a different meaning than the literal one. It means to “hold on” or “bear” something or someone annoying or tedious.

So, if someone says out there that a certain person “does not smoke” or that he “smoked” two hours of queue to buy a ticket, it means that he had to deal with an unwanted, but necessary situation. But, if you not only smoked it, but smoked it “on a pipe”, the circumstances are aggravated. Smoking in a pipe requires even more patience, more tolerance.

Argentines are well trained to smoke things we don't want, and that's how we've been surviving a long time ago.

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