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Six Argentine expressions based on real facts

Some of the expressions that are already naturalized in our speech have an origin that is based on real facts,
How we talk
| 27 December, 2019 |

If you want to cry, cry!

Crying is good, and Moria Casán has known it for years. This phrase, which we still hear from time to time, is his authorship. He often used it in his talk show Entre Moria y vos to encourage participants to express their emotions in front of the camera. In case you didn’t know, this one, like other expressions, is patented.

Wallet Mata galán

In the ’90s, TV was a parade of characters as incredible as they were real. One of them was Jacobo Winograd, the author of this phrase. What does that mean? That a man’s money is more important to women than his facha. We’ll have to see how well Jacobo did in that field…

Follow me, I won’t let you down.

Carlos Menem had many flaws, but no one can deny that he was very good at making catchy phrases. With this campaign slogan, the former president encouraged Argentines to choose him at the polls. How did that end? We all know…

Don’t hit me, I’m Giordano!

A phrase with a sad origin, which became a classic. In 1995, after a superclassic at the Monumental, Roberto Giordano, Boca’s fanatical stylist, was attacked by River fans at the parking lot. To avoid beating, he first said his mantra: “Don’t hit me, I’m Giordano!” Unfortunately, it didn’t help him much.

They cut my legs off.

Maradona is another great creator of famous expressions. This is one of the most exciting he said, when he was expelled from the 1994 United States World Cup for an anti-doping control. Even today, we continue to use it every day when someone leaves us completely without resources.

Today you become a hero

Closer in time, and also to the field of football, is this phrase by Javier Mascherano. We will never forget that moment: before we start the penalty round in the semifinal of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, against Holland, we all read that phrase on Mascherano’s lips. The recipient? Sergio Romero, the goalkeeper of the national team who, that day, effectively, became a hero.

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