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Saint Patron or Saint Matrona?

In the north there are many venerated saints. But what about the saints? What's the right name? Saint Patron or Saint Matrona?

How we talk
Santa Patrona

We live in times of inclusive language in which all words are put for review. Saints and saints do not escape scrutiny. So, the question naturally arises: Saint Patron or Saint Matrona?

Words are replaced, looks change, but in the field of faith changes are usually slower. Popular devotion to saints is one of the most entrenched ancestral characteristics in northern Argentina. Every year, millions of missionaries, Correntinos and Salteños, celebrate a saint or a saint. It's tradition! It was always like this and always will be, forever and ever. But are the words still the same?

Theoretically, the patron saint (or patron saint or simply patron) is the intermediary between God and a locality. Sometimes it is even from an activity, class, congregation, clan or family. In practice, it is the closest and most palpable thing a man of faith can have. Saints help at all times, they are even classified by the type of help they provide and the date to commemorate them. That's why the patron saint's festivities are so crowded and popular. All right, all right! And the saints?

Rain of saints

Santas there are many. May, for example, was the month of Santa Rita, the patron saint (or midwife?) of the impossible. But there are others that are revered every year. There are canonized and not canonized, but popular. Like, for example, St. Gilda. Or, at least, that's how her faithful see her, who pray to her, light candles, walk on their knees to the sanctuary and cry with emotion in front of her photos. And the rest? What should we call them?

What the SAR says

Finally, what does the SAR say to all this? Like whoever likes it, the “patron” form works as a female patron and patron. On the other hand, there is the “matrón” voice, feminine as a midwife as a “person who attends births”.

With this, the mystery has uncovered. The answer to the question: Saint Patron or Saint Matrona? It's... (drum roll) Saint Patron saint! This is possibly a favor or some relief for the defenders of the immutable power of faith.

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Publication Date: 12/07/2020

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