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Quarantine Dictionary

In these months, we did daily many words that we did not use (or even existed) before.

When it started, we thought it was going to last just a few weeks. Time passed and here we are, living a routine we would never have imagined. Gradually, we got used to this new way of life: without hugging our loved ones, without giving out kisses on the cheek to anyone we crossed, without exits, without social life, no offices, no gyms. Always hoping things will someday come back as they used to.  Quarantine changed our lives and brought us, too, some new words that we already incorporated, almost without realizing it. 

To name things is to give them an entity, to recognize that they exist, that they are something. Just as long ago it is natural to say “googleá eso” or “send you a  whatsapp ”,  the pandemic brought with it a list of words and neologisms that became sadly everyday . Some already existed, others we invented them out of necessity. But to all of them we say several times a day.

The glossary of the pandemic

These are just some of the terms that brought us by the pandemic and quarantine. Can you think of any more?

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