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Pupinamente: basic teachings of Cordobés

Because learning an idiomatic variable is learning your culture. That is, learning to speak Cordovan is to know how to assemble an “arremangao” and take “70/30”. Pupina knows and teaches it.

How we talk

  @Pupinamente is a Cordovan personality from the TikToker world   which is gaining more and more fans and followers. This young woman is from the Jorge Newbery neighborhood, and a fan of dancing. This is a girl who, in the midst of global chaos and endless quarantine, decided to open an account on the new digital platform Tik Tok. This social network allows   broadcast short videos, with filters, music and audios   . And even, among its users, different types of fun challenges involve from dances to jokes are developed. In this context,   Florence was encouraged and began to produce content for this network.  

It started as a joke, laughing a little   how do the cordobeses talk   , spreading a bit of the   alcoholic culture   who constitutes us and singing   quatratezos   in his videos. But the joke was a furor: she became one of the most followers from Cordoba. And its different sections are expected throughout the country.   Cordovan dictionary”   up to tutorials on   how to assemble different cordobese drinks   . Or, too, the jokes that his family plays. Pupina is famous in networks, always with   humor and a unique charisma,   shares different anecdotes with his audience.

Multicultural teacher

She is   teacher of English and Physical Education.   Her life led her to travel the world and, knowing other cultures, she knew her own. That is different from all the others, Cordovan culture, which is not the same as Argentine culture in general. So it was, in the middle of the quarantine, like many, he got into   play on TikTok   to spread the different   reflections on his experience as a Cordobesa.   Now he is the star of Cordoba, prophet of the   culture of fernet and birra.   Pupi makes videos about football, about quartet and about thousands of things that draw everyone's attention,   even the Cordobeses themselves.   With his followers from all over the national territory, and even from around the world, he is dedicated to showcasing the   feats of being Cordovan.  

This English teacher   has all the vibes and knows perfectly how to teach and how to reach your audience.   Flor was inspired by other beads that do a work in this style with other cultures, for example from Panama, Mexico, etc.   the figure of his homeland:   Cordoba. Because it is more Cordovan than fernet with coca, and knows that the peculiarities of this part of the national territory are many. Flor is Pirate (from Belgrano de Córdoba) and football lover.

Not only   knows all the secrets of the Cordovan language,   but also of the culture of Cordoba in general. For example, she hosted some American friends and took them to the Sergeant.   To the “tosargen”, to the temple of Mona Jimenez, to the origin of the quartet and the quartet tradition.   In this context, he recorded with photos and videos the experience of a foreigner in the cradle of Cordovan culture. He also made a video with all the signs that this iconic and popular Cordovan artist created to represent every neighborhood in the city. Thus, he spread that content so that many who did not know it learn.

Tutorials to be Cordovan

He did tutorials for   do arremangados   , which is a classic Cordovan.   er a jar with wine tetrabrick container in carton.   Inside that same container, the mixture is made with pritty and ice is thrown into it. That's the famous.   arremangau,   whose content is the   Pritiau.   He also did tutorials on   how to make a jug of cut boteia to prepare fernecito inside.   The famous   “70/30”   that delights the palate of all Cordovan and all visitors. In addition, it makes   top 5 of famous quartets,   videos about clubs and   tests to find out how Cordovan you are.   This piba is a specialist in its culture and   diffuses its digital content with humor.   Little by little, he reaches fame and shares with his followers his day to day.

This English teacher, with her knowledge in language, knows how to explain the entire Cordovan terminology. ”   Chomaso”, “coil”, “deadly”, “fero”, “nero”, “ole meno”, “booby”, “mocazo”, “humiento”   , are words that Pupi knows how to define clearly, among others. Flor, with its reputation as Cordobesa from the cradle to the cajon, is famous. However,   retains its humility and sympathy.   And, above all,   retains love for its roots.  

Give it up for this master of the cordovan and quarteter spirit!


Publication Date: 21/03/2021

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