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Puntano dictionary, volume II

The second part of the Puntano Dictionary mixes native words from San Luis with others, which summarizes popular expressions in Argentine culture.

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Diccionario Vol2

In the first installment of the Puntano Dictionary the 10-word margin was short. That is why it is necessary to add other words to this new installment. The   language   popular puntano is very rich, as it combines   words   own, regional and other words that are used almost throughout the country.

  This is the second part of Diccionario Puntano, with 10 new words.  

  1.   Curcuncho   : Hunchback or hunched. In the first installment we talked about abatanado to refer to this. But this word points more to someone with a hump.
  2.   A poncho   : it is a   expression   of someone who is playing it, not being prepared for what can be found. Frequent used among students who present themselves to perform without studying: “Let's go poncho”.
  3.   Tighten your hat   : This premise is used to indicate that you have to flee or escape from a particular place.
  4.   Fullerear   : It is also pronounced “fulleriar”; it is an action unneat and in a hurry, with no control whatsoever. In other places this term is “just like that.”
  5.   Pocon   : A word that is easy to understand and can be heard elsewhere. Power or exaggerate the word little. It seeks to increase the intensity of your   meaning   . “Did you little disapprove? No, for a little bit.”
  6.   Puntanity   : Represents the gene of the people of   St. Louis   , their culture. This word exposes the essence of someone from that province.
  7.   Zaino   : The word used to indicate a color that oscillates between colorado and dark, but is not clearly defined.
  8.   Zoque   : It is a punch of fist, popularly known as pineapple.
  9.   Galguear   : It is a derivative of the phrase “eat like a greyhound” talking about someone who eats fast and a lot. On this occasion it indicates that a person is almost desperately looking for food.
  10.   Scouring   : It is used to indicate that a person is upset or angry.

With this second part of the Puntano Dictionary we don't even cover most of his words   autochthonous   . But at least we have 10 new terms to understand a conversation in case   let's visit   the beautiful province of   St. Louis   .

Publication Date: 14/05/2020

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