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Puntano dictionary, volume I

St. Louis has an endless number of words and regionalisms. To start with this Puntano Dictionary, we chose 10.

How we talk

This is the first compilation of the dictionary   puntano   . There are words that are still used and others that are forgotten in time. But as long as someone uses them, it's good to know what they mean. Many of them are deformations of nouns that are transformed into verbs.

  10 words from the Puntano Volume I Dictionary:  

  1.   Getting down   : This word, as it sounds, involves lowering or humiliating yourself. It is also used in some business when we say, “If you lower the price, we close the deal.”
  2.   Bichoco   : It is used to talk about old horses, those animals that have already lost a lot of mobility and can barely move. It is popularly used also in large or old people.
  3.   Folder   : Describe the action of staring or studying another person: “You are folding your neighbor.” Some know it as looking, measuring, watching.
  4.   Sanchocar   : It is directly connected to the kitchen. It means to cook poorly or knead something poorly. Any poorly done task in a kitchen is sanchocar.
  5.   Trout   : Popularly it is a fish or a fake element. But here it is widely used, as in other regions, to talk about the mouth. They usually refer to mouths with big lips.
  6.   Trucking   : Convert the noun   gimmick   in a verb, indicating the action of playing the famous card game.
  7.   Tustu   : Also known as   tustus   , is a way of naming people's double chin.
  8.   Vollear   : A word widely used in sport to indicate special techniques. Here it is basically used in the same sense as we use the word revolve: throw or throw some object.
  9.   Churrete   : “They take me for the churrete” means underestimating, taking the hair or making fun of a person.
  10.   Abatanado   : It refers to something that is shrunk or folded: “The laundry in the washing machine is down.”

This is the first installment of   words   which make up a wide Puntano dictionary of regionalism and lunfardo in the province of   St. Louis   .

Publication Date: 08/05/2020

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