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"Che, cousin of Valen, will you walk with us to Luján?"

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I'm Micaela C@mino and that's never happened to me before: that I liked a boy so much but so much. In addition to its facade and high spine, it's a good little chaboncito. Almost perfect. A species in extinction in this world of artificial dedicated full-time to the facial arts. I got the card right away: this one is not interested in faces, gestures, poses, smiles and / or emojis. I met him on Valen's birthday: Ramiro, that's his name, is from the pastoral group of the parish where my cousin always goes. And that night when it really dazzled me, everyone was talking about the pilgrimage to Luján. The group of young people from the community was organizing the walk and Ramiro was one of the coordinators. To this day I remember when he stared at me between tender and seductive and said: "Che, cousin of Valen, will you walk with us to Luján? First, I reminded him of my name: Mica. And then, I didn't know what excuse to give him. That I'm a believer but not so much, that I don't do much sport and my physical condition isn't ideal, that at the end of October I might have to study, that... "Let your cousin know if you want to come. We left Morón and not Liniers, in other words, you'll save a good stretch of movida. We had a great time, come". The talk on the subject closed in a "Well, I see". Before leaving the party, my cousin told me that it was 46 kilometers from Morón to Luján. That they left type 9 in the morning, that they were always close to the Sarmiento roads and that strategic stops were made in Moreno, in General Rodríguez and in the roundabout where the Escudo de Luján is. That at each stop there was something to eat and to hydrate. That in addition to praying the Rosary, a car with music accompanied them all the time and that was sung, danced, harengaba and shaken. Ramiro left a while before me and when he said goodbye, he asked me again: "Are we waiting for you? With a smile, I gave him a "Arranquen si no arrgo: por ahí me sumo a last-minute..." (Start if I don't arrive: that's where I join them at the last moment...). What at first in my head was "Ni en pedo" was transformed into "Why not? I looked for it in Instagram and started to follow Ramiro. His stories were full and every now and then something of the pilgrimage went up. Two or three days before October 6th he put in a "I am going... You? I swear I felt it as a direct message to me. With my cousin everything is fine, but I don't have the super confidence. She didn't insist and I wasn't too interested either. Thursday night Ramiro started to follow me in Instagram and even put me a couple of likes. Ready, I go. But I realized that I could not walk almost 50 kilometers and I began to put together my own plan. I have a long journey in trains but not just in Sarmiento: I loved Juan Carlos Google very much once again. As the pastoral group had published the route, the stops and the estimated timetables, the logistics were not so difficult: I decided to take the Sarmiento, reach them at General Rodríguez and make the 15 kilometers (or a little more in reality) walking with them. Bah, with him... Said and done... Train to Moreno. Combination with the one that goes to Mercedes and leaves you at General Rodríguez station, after passing through La Reja, Francisco Álvarez, Pablo Marín and Las Malvinas. I studied the route as if I was going to take an exam. And except for the crowded trip between Moreno/General Rodriguez, everything went well. Before 5 o'clock I was on the avenue parallel to the tracks and I even found the CNG sign that I had as a reference. I made time there, paid the 15 pesos to use the bathroom of a house (that was more or less the "sanitary" rate throughout the pilgrimage) and began to discover the searches of the pilgrim world. Since on that Saturday the walkers parade 24 hours a day, there is a whole universe by the side of the road. It sells everything from anti-inflammatory atoms to improvised canes for those who can no longer support their feet, passing through templates for shoes quite trout. Three bananas, 30 pesos (a lot of potassium is consumed). Speed-type energy drinks: 25 pesos. While I was waiting for the group I was interested in, I couldn't get out of the smoke: the bondiolite and the vacuum were rage, and with very different prices between puestito and puestito. Before the doubt invaded me as to whether I was doing the right thing, among the passing crowd I distinguished the orange t-shirts of the group. And in the middle, with a jean cap, he: my favorite pilgrim. I crouched on one side, waited for the whole platoon to pass and followed them a few meters. Justo Valen walked next to Rami: they were singing "Un poquito", by Carlos Vives and Diego Torres. "It's not fashionable to fall in love / Nobody wants to be sincere anymore / But in you I find everything, everything, everything I want...". I joined forces, persecuted myself, and unexpectedly slipped into their midst: "I am Micaela C@mino and that's why I'm a pilgrim...". Hug and kiss for each one. Triumphal apparition. Sincere smiles. Golazo. Point for Mica... I walked to Luján next to them, closer to him than to her. We prayed the Rosary when we had to pray, we made a bard to recharge our batteries and I talked about one and a thousand things with Ramiro. I drew her that I had to study at night, that's why I went out later, that going alone I walked faster and all the sarasas together. Pious little lie: Mary, the Virgin, I was going to know how to understand. As coordinator, Rami was permanently close to the cart with lights and music. Every now and then she would grab the microphone and encourage the rest of the kids and the not so kids: among the group of walkers, there was a 70-year-old lady who was taken to the Basilica. I almost died of love when Rami asked for applause for me, for having encouraged me. The mate cocido Andresito came very well in the roundabout of Escudo: at that height of the walk and at that hour of the night (22.30), a warm infusion turned out to be ideal to fight the cold. Precisely because of the cold, added to the fact that the blisters on your feet already make you walk like a zombie, the last kilometers were embraced to Ramiro. When I saw the dome of the Basilica appear between the buildings, I was so moved that I started crying like an asshole. I swear, I couldn't stop: it was a waterfall of tears that increased when Father Rodrigo said "You can't reach Luján with your feet: you can reach it with your heart". Ramiro hugged me tightly and gave me a long kiss on my forehead, one of those given to friends and loved ones. I felt great to be there, contained. I felt bad about the shampoo I made on my previous invented walk. I felt like going on pilgrimage again next year. When we entered the Basilica with the last effort, I set the time: it was 0.04 on Sunday. I looked at the altar and asked Our Lady not to let go of my hand. And that Ramiro, since he was there, wouldn't do it either.    

Publication Date: 22/10/2018

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By: Pamela 22 October, 2018

Hermosa la experienncia de caminar a lujan con el grupo de la parroquia , todos juntos , con el carro musical que preparan.los coordinadores , lo gratificante de llegar a la noche y que al entrar a lujan andrecito te reciba un un mate cosido calentito , experiencia unica que emociona caminar todos juntos con los mas jovenes y los mas grandes como edita que con sus 78 años camino al lado mio con una sonrisa

By: Miguel Bossio 24 October, 2018

En respuesta a

¿78 años una señora que peregrinó? Guauuu. Qué lindo poder llegar a la edad de ella y poder seguir haciendo esas caminatas. Gracias por compartirlo, Pamela. Beso

By: Mariano Maurette 22 October, 2018

Miguelito!! Espectacular relato. Muy bien contada la historia. Ya estoy esperando el próximo.

By: Miguel Bossio 24 October, 2018

En respuesta a

Muchas gracias, Mariano... Tomo aire, elongo bien los músculos y me pongo con un nuevo relato. Lo prometo!!!

By: Fer López 22 October, 2018

Excelente relato!!

By: Miguel Bossio 24 October, 2018

En respuesta a

Excelente tu comentario, Fer, jaja... Gracias.

By: Verónica 22 October, 2018

Tal cómo cuenta tu relato, a la Virgen se llega con el corazón y si es en COMUNIDAD mucho mejor!!!!

By: Miguel Bossio 24 October, 2018

En respuesta a

Particularmente, ésa es la frase que más me gustó de "Peregrinos". Y también creo que es muy real: “A Luján no se llega con los pies: se llega con el corazón”.Besos, Vero...

By: Maria del Carmen Bossio 23 October, 2018

Nunca leí un relato tan excelente de una peregrinación a Luján. Me encantó

By: Miguel Bossio 24 October, 2018

En respuesta a

Muy amable de tu parte... Tu apellido me resulta conocido: me parece que a vos te conozco. Besoooo

By: Rodrigo Adrian 23 October, 2018

Una vez más Miguel con su estilo que hace sonreír cuando uno lo lee. Siempre pensé que para ser escritor había que ser ‘políticamente incorrecto’, hoy lo digo con humildad descubro que no siempre es así. Gracias Miguel por tu aporte a la sonrisa de todos los Argentinos! Hermoso testimonio de lo que la Virgen hace por nuestro pueblo!

By: Miguel Bossio 24 October, 2018

En respuesta a

Guauuu, Rodrigo, qué generosas tus palabras. "Gracias por tu aporte a la sonrisa de todos los argentinos" es, por lejos, el comentario más elogioso que recibí en los últimos tiempos. O al menos, desde que empezaron las semifinales de la Copa Libertadores, ja... Abrazo y gracias de nuevo.

By: Miriam Beliz 23 October, 2018

Querido Miguel..me fascinó el relato..me hiciste sentir protagonista del mismo ...me llevaste al escenario mismo ..como si lo estuviera viviendo y eso es lo que transmití..gracias me emociono..un abrazo y beso Miguel querido...

By: Miguel Bossio 24 October, 2018

En respuesta a

Ésa es un poco la idea, Miriam... Que los lectores se sientan un poco protagonistas de las historias. Me alegra tu emoción. Un beso a la distancia!!!

By: Mariano Padilla 23 October, 2018

Muy lindo relato Migue, caminé con ellos....

By: Miguel Bossio 24 October, 2018

En respuesta a

Caminar hace muy bien, Mariano... Si tuviste esa sensación al leerlo, me quedo tranquilo: pude colaborar con tu estado físico. Abrazoooooo

By: María Fernanda 23 October, 2018

Amigo: te estás perfeccionando en el arte de narrar, está historia pide una segunda parte ! Felicitaciones!

By: Miguel Bossio 24 October, 2018

En respuesta a

Prometido... Habrá segunda, tercera y cuartas partes. Beso, Fer!!!

By: Pucho 23 October, 2018

Campeón te digo que con este maravilloso relato que nos hicistes me hicistes peregrinar aunque no lo haya hecho fisicamente. Lo hice tambien con el corazon. Si ese fue el proposito del mismo bendito sea el Señor

By: Miguel Bossio 24 October, 2018

En respuesta a

Hola Pucho... Qué bueno que al leerlo te haya provocado esa sensación de haber peregrinado. Te mando un abrazo. Miguel

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