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Eggs offer in Cordoba

Looks like it's on offer to talk about eggs and more eggs in Cordoba. It's just that many expressions refer to this.

How we talk

Is it that the Cordobeses are half  eggs ? Actually, throughout Argentina, some phrases related to this form of expression are common. However, in Cordoba they are a constant. Therefore, we tell you about the Cordovan imaginary that speaks in a very particular way. In this case, he quotes eggs every two by three. Why will it be? I say it's because we're the most  “egg swells” in the country..  .

 1. Scratching eggs 

Pretty daring this expression. But very true. Cordovan does not leave work, not going on vacation, nor has it frank. For all these activities there is only one synonym: the Cordovan will scratch the eggs. This way of saying points to situations in which you are doing nothing. Abandoning obligations.

 2. It costs me an egg 

When a Cordovan is half complicated with a task or an activity, it's because it costs him an egg. It's just that there's no difficult task for a Cordovan, but when something is hard, you can say that.

 3. Eggs bloating 

Cordovan is not an annoying guy, it's an egg swells. Actually, all Cordobese have something of that, to varying degrees and with different aspects of life. But we have to stop a little swell, if no one is going to seat us.

 4. Break eggs 

It is the most frequent hobby of all Cordobeses. It is the specialty of the Cordovan population. It happens that this activity includes joking, putting nicknames, making noises, going caravan or making together. Anything bothering is fun for us.

Many of these expressions extend throughout the country, but in Cordoba they are famous and super used. A Cordovan who does not put the word “eggs” in a phrase is not Cordovan.

Publication Date: 19/04/2021

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