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We Cordoba suffer from a disease: the disease of nicknames. That's why we invent a thousand all the time. Here
How we talk
| 13 February, 2020 |

If we start to make a list of the nicknames that Cordobacreated, we don’t finish anymore. Here we made a selection of some ways to call each other. There are only a few, because this disease that some know as “apodology” is intense.

1. Penca

He or the penca is the person who fastens you all day. Tell yourself of the heavy, the bolt or of the “palette” in the Porteño language. “ I’ve been pencated all day black, toy indignation, if it is more heavy.” Let us remember that everything that ends with -ado, for the Cordovan, is au. So we say: asau (asado), pencau (convicted), indignant (outraged).

2. Bolo

Boló is Boludo, but in Cordovan language. As in Buenos Aires, we can use it as an insult or just as a way to call us.

“ Hey, boló, what are you doing? What’s the ball?” That would be the Cordoba translation of a Buenos Aires greeting, for example.

3. Joker or Joker

Guaso or guasa are the synonyms of mine or Oh, boy. However, another meaning of this term has to do with garnished. If someone says a misplaced joke, or exaggerates a lot with something, or He says a lot of bad words, he’s also a fool. But in another way.

4. Black or Black

Nero o nera, it’s black or black. We use it. so because he paints more, makes him more cool. This nickname has nothing to do with levels of melanin. It’s just a way to call each other.

5. Face and poio

“ Eeeeh, cara e poio”, is a loving form of to speak to us. It implies a more or less high level of trust and affection. Or, at least, familiarity.

Always, it is important the prosody, the tonadita, the way these terms are said. Because, depending on the context and the meaning that the speaker gives you, you can be in trouble or in front of a show of affection. Besides, we Cordobes are like this, ambiguous means. One thing is the big guy who almost hit you with the car. Another thing is that fat high school friend you haven’t seen a thousand years ago. The way you’re going to run is different. And the word will be the same. Did I lie?

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