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Motorsport: another of our favorite metaphors

We talked about boxing and what it brings to our vocabulary, but motor sport has its own. The motorsport jargon in our lives.

How we talk

It has already been written on this site about the contribution that different sports, especially those most followed by Argentines, make to the everyday vocabulary of our country or at least some regions. That is the case, for example, with boxing, with phrases like “put me on the ropes” or “I'm on the canvas”. But on this occasion we will refer to motorsport and engines, and how the specific jargon of this discipline has become part of our lexicon in order to be part of our daily talks.

Put first

The easiest and most known to all, referring to the march that we put in the car so that it moves. At the time of starting a venture, start studying for the end of a subject or to start training in the gym. In all cases we say: “I put first and started to study” or “che, put first with the gym”.

Go round and round

When a person is busy or full of work, he is all day giving 100% of his energy to that and, at the end of the day, She's exhausted. That's where we say, “he went round.” Emulating what to a car that, when passing the turns of the engine that it supports, melts. It's the famous revolutions per minute.

Go to the grass

This phrase refers to when a car, in a motor racing race , takes a curve at a high speed and fails to brake or bend to be able to complete it. Then inevitably ends off the track, that is, on the grass, which is the surface surrounding the asphalt, usually, in traditional circuits. Applied to our routine, someone goes to the grass when he says something very hard, cruel, uncoded or out of place to another person. “The business you want to start is lousy, man, you're going to starve! ” That person went to the grass.

Melt connecting rod

This is a little more technical. It must be explained quickly that the connecting rods are an essential part of the engine and that they receive a very high and permanent requirement. These usually melt when there are irregularities with the oil and lubrication of an engine. Explained this, melting connecting rod is very similar to turning around. Although it is used, mostly for when a person has a high physical requirement. For example, a marathonist who fails to complete the 42 kilometers due to fatigue melted connecting rod.

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Publication Date: 11/06/2020

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