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More tune, less words

We show you what are the mechanisms to arrive at an authentic Cordovan tune. Among them, a key mechanism -
How we talk
06 January, 2020

The Cordobes in addition to a little exaggerated, we’re a little gidly. They always tell us that we speak fast and that we don’t understand anything . But it’s not that way. If we tell you the secrets of our tune, you will understand by touch. To speak faster (and say more jokes per second), we have one fundamental resource – clipping. What does it consist of? Not to say a full sentence. Cut syllables and add some vowels to make it nice. Don’t you understand? Well, here are some examples.

This clipping works mostly on interrogative phrases, read: questions. When an Argentinian asks “what Do you want to?” , a Cordovan question “what I wanted to?” When any Argentinian asks “where are you going? ” , a Cordovan “Ande vai?” I don’t know why, but we always add an i to the end. Like to make it more sympathetic, if it’s a regraceful tune. So, if you want to know how a person is, but You want to ask him in Cordoba, you better tell him, “How’s it going?” You’re going to be answer for sure.

On the other hand, in Córdoba the verb ir is conjugated differently to all other areas of Argentina. And he even has his own quatrain, and he’s from the Carlitos Band. It reads as follows:

“ If I loved you, ite, but not me come with so much shake”

Did you lie? The verb “go” in the second person singular of the imperative mode is “ite”. I hope you never hear them live and live. Because if someone tells you, it’s because they’re kicking you out.

And what with these tips?

On the other hand, to ask anything — but Anyone, huh? — there is a wild card: the famous “what What? ” . This expression is super encompassing and refers to many interrogations more. When someone says what? may be saying:

  • What did you say?
  • What do you want?
  • What are you talking about?
  • What’s that?

You got it, or what? Now yes, a prepare a 70/30, and get to practice all these dates that we throw at you so we can talk with tune Cordovan. That, when you come to visit, you have to understand what we’re talking about.

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