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Last weekend I started campaigning like to fall into fulbito with some of my own theme, beyond what was imposed by the nourished Argentine agenda.

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I'm Damián Barbal @ce and, really, I must confess that I had to reinvent myself in my group of friends. While I never liked being the center of the scene, it is also not a matter of always playing the last of the supporting roles. Every Tuesday, when we go to play football and then we share choris, patys and a few beers, there is a theme for that night's table. It might be something Macri did, something that happened at Tinelli's, some kind of jumped on the crane to get off a motorcycle or, of course, the controversy of some game. And I noticed that lately it was others who brought the posta or set up an argument. I listened a lot and participated little. And that was puffling my balls a little: after all, what Argentinian does not like more protagonism.Last weekend I was in the campaign as if to fall into the fulbito with some own theme, beyond what was imposed by the large Argentinean agenda. On Sunday's roast, I threw my tongue at my brother-in-law, who usually dates back to the football environment. Turns out that Chino, married to my sister Betina, is half a friend of one of the AFA employees who traveled to Russia with the National Team. And he told me that in the act of Spring Day came out the talk about the new Argentine failure in the World Cup. And there this Doe started to tell about the trip in front of other parents at school. And Chino transferred it to me with luxury of details, as well as the VAT that he usually adds to it.After the elimination of Argentina I had heard something on the radio but not so much attention or so much precision. That Messi was in the Bronnitsy concentration with the butt face all day, that Mascherano had more power than Chiqui Tapia, that the DT had cleaned Lo Celso after a comment on the flea... And that as they had been fed up with Sampaoli and Beccacece, after the 0-3 against Croatia the players had decided to take power in the team's armed. So far, nothing new.But the juicy fact, the one that would make me look at dinner on Tuesdays, had to do with music. More precisely, with the choice of a song that, in the internal codes of the squad, was intended for the coach. Before the matches, during the warm-up they were doing on the court, each team chose a theme for FIFA to put it for the speakers of the stadium. And against Nigeria, in the Zenit Arena in St. Petersburg, Argentina warmed up the muscles with “Do not think so important”, by Damas Gratis, sung by Pablo Lescano and Viru Kumben.“Yes, that's what we remember. And?“, my friends asked me when I started to introduce this question... what do you mean “Y,” boys? This AFA guy confessed that the song was chosen by the players destined for Sampaoli... -Apa, I like that... Ramiro said it, the least gossip in the group, and everyone else stopped his ear. Until the match with Nigeria they were doing the previous warm-up with “Enamorado de ti”, La Nueva Luna. Nothing, a cumbiero theme, harmless, romantic. But after the ballot against the Croats and seeing the antics that the DT was doing, they chose something more polent. And with a clear message to Sampaoli: “Don't think yourself so important.” He says inside the locker room they all sang together the part that says “Don't be confused, I don't walk back like a crab.” And the band exploded when the refrain came: “Don't think so important...” —See, put it on Youtube... While Lefty was looking for the video, Rafa googled the lyrics and gave my theory more credibility when he sang the part that followed the crab thing: “I know you already know you and I know you're not worth a weight and people like you, I don't leave me anymore.” The Tuesday group was convinced that this date was post. Moreover, when we find on the Internet a video of the day of the match, uploaded by a certain @emevieyra, where you see the players warming up, the fans waiting for the match and the background music is that of Pablo Lescano and Viru Kumberon: “Do not believe yourself so important, oh I order you please...” we were going, like to hit the final effect, threw something else that I had stayed in the Inkwell... Ah, stop, and this employee said that another of the themes that sounded at the rally was “The owners of the pavilion,” also Damas Gratis.Yes, the one that says, “Now we take control, we own the pavilion...” -That... -What braves are the players, Mommy.-No, apple... anyway, Sampaoli deserved it, crazy. He was recently voted in Spain as the worst technician of the year...

Publication Date: 12/10/2018

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By: Marcos A Sánchez 12 October, 2018

No por casualidad me vino a la mente aquella palabra de Adrián Suar en la peli dos más dos... "SUSPICACIA" Jaaa Jaaa Buen dato, Miguel

By: Miguel Bossio 08 November, 2018

En respuesta a Marcos A Sánchez

Jaja, suspicacia... Abrazo grande!!!

By: María del Carmen Bossio 20 November, 2018

Me alegro que Damián haya logrado atraer la atención de su grupo para ir dejando atrás su timidez,pero lástima que todo surge a través de la pobre actuación de nuestra selección. No importa:el muchacho se dio el gusto y nosotros seguiremos cantando VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!

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