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La Rioja, a province with many words

Argentina is a country rich in dialects, and La Rioja has many words of its own that distinguish it from the other provinces.

How we talk
La Rioja

Argentina, the birthplace of a multitude of diverse and different  cultures  , but that, after time, each region has gained its customs, traditions and ways of speaking. Among those ways of speaking we have La Rioja, province of many words that originate from its dialect.

In his curious gala of words that delivers his jargon we can find those that are used in the daily lives of Riojanos, taking them as their own. So we have “chinita”, which designates a  young  woman either to point, call or simply include in some conversation by impersonating the name of whom they are talking. This word has been adopted in other provinces such as Tucumán as “chango” and means boy, boy, young.

Another well-known expression of “crawling”, a verb that states the man who is used to exits with other women, ignoring his marital status. Widely used between the conversations of the  neighborhood  's neighbors or when it is decided to blame the man for such unfortunate action. Between the talks, the next one is linked to “crawling”. We are talking about the expression “you get the sparrows”, designating the action of either man or woman has deceived his partner. Designs of this kind are not lacking in those curious neighbors observing different situations.

 Riojan words 

Among the different words or expressions we can list:

  • “ Titi or trapala¨: exuberant phrase, which points to the one who has issued a lie, a non-valid foundation, and under all circumstances a liar.
  • “ This reclullo”: designates that gastronomic preparation that does not feel good because it is too liquid, far from the right point where you are used to eat.
  • ¨Chuy chango¨: the expression makes it known that there is an exaggerated low temperature in the environment, therefore it is cold to those who stated it.
  • “ We are at the hill of ocote”: very common in the province because it makes you know how far is the destination or point to which you want to go. It is a refusal, in most cases, to resist going somewhere because that place is so far away.
  • “ He trunks his foot”: when someone has bent his foot or ankle by hitting something. Many times only the “truncharse” is used when it has been hit on different parts of the body and not necessarily the foot.
  • ¨Lighte¨: points to someone in their quality that they like to be constantly active, or that bothers other people for no reason whatsoever. It is normal to say this word in meetings or in dances when a person has drunk extra alcohol.
  • “Step left”: This expression is used when one of the wheels of the car is deflated by having passed through some edged area or when a sharp object is embedded in it.
  • “ Shecan”: another phrase used in parties, meetings and  dances . It is used to observe that a person has taken all the drink from the glass, making “white background”.
  • ¨Ladiau¨: designates the object that is tilted. It's even used in people.
  • ¨Nesario¨: is an abbreviation of the word “necessary”.
  • ¨Choco¨: This is the most representative of the province: Although it means something simple it contains inside an enigma for anyone who is not Rioja. Designate a dog as such.
  • ¨Chuchudo¨: is the way they tell the floor clean cloth known as mop or simply “mechudo” in other provinces.

There is no doubt that La Rioja is a place full of  words , expressions and phrases where anyone would get lost in a conversation if they don't know what they were. refer. Riojans operate a very rich dialect, which differentiates them from the other provinces of Argentina.

Publication Date: 14/02/2021

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