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It's not morse code, it's Cordovan.

We throw you a couple of phrases from the Cordovan code that surely, if we don't explain them to you, you won't understand them. A little decoding of the Cordovan.

 It's not morse code,  it's not basic Chinese, much less Japanese. The following expressions  are from Cordovan.  However, it is often very difficult to achieve the decoding of these phrases. That's why we're giving you  a little help.  Like you don't  get donated  if you come to  Cordoba  and you can understand what we're  talking about  .

 1. Candle/Veil 

The  “candle”,  in Cordoba,  does not refer  to the wax candle we use to illuminate. The  “veil”,  in Córdoba, is  also not  the thin fabric we use to cover things. The “ candle”  or “veil”  is the  imperative  of the verb see.   It is used, above all, if  you had a mucus  or are doing something half incoherent. In addition, it is accompanied by  a very  particular amount. This code is used only if you're  making papons  or  if you ate the paper  and you  're getting a lot bigger  . “ Sail to acheia that the cheta is made,” “veil to quel ia is throwing a mucus.” 

 2. You wá 

This expression  does not come from Korean,  Guarani , or English.  It comes from Cordovan. “ Te wá”  is a variant of the “i'm going to...” most say. It can be combined and used in many situations. A  funny and rather complicated expression  is  “te wá shompé el alma”.  If  you misbehaved  in the house of a Cordovan family, you surely heard this threat. It can also be used to express affection  “you wá comé a kisses”, “te wá agasha”,  etc.

 3. What haiga  

 “ What haiga”  is a phrase we use a lot. Because we Cordobeses always settle for “ what haiga”.  We are not too screwed or very demanding.  Anything is  good for us, less talking in a code other than ours.

 4. The houses 

If a Cordovan says  “let's go to the houses,” he's not wanting to invite you to all his houses. He's not even trying to tell you he has a lot of houses. Even maybe I don't even have a home, and I'm asking you to stay.  “ The houses”  refers to the place  where everyone lives , we put it plural  because he paints .  And because it looks a little nicer.

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