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It gives me straw

How many times a day do you hear that phrase lately? Does everything give us straw?

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I do not know if it will be  quarantine  or life itself, but I hear more and more often this phrase and its variants: “ It gives me straw  .” And it is not a phrase whose use is restricted to teenagers or younger generations. True, we will not hear grandma say that she gives straw to go to  the warehouse, but young people  (read, those around 30 to 45) also use it often. More and more often.

The point is that it is a term with  two fairly widespread uses . Two uses that have nothing to do with each other. Or yes? Therefore, it is important not to walk unsuspecting and end up confusing one thing for the other, because we could get into trouble.

Let's go in parts. I think that prior to the use we currently give — and which we say without any kind of tapujo — is one more reserved for intimacy. There is no need to clarify what  straw means, but let's say it: it  refers to masturbation . It is the noun that names the act in all its glory. It can be done to yourself or to another, that is to the taste of the consumer. From the noun derives, of course, the adjective:  pajero . In general, it is not a pleasant euphemism. Not because there is something wrong with masturbating, but because it is associated with someone lewd, who has a somewhat libidinous attitude towards someone else, who may not agree very much with that situation. In some contexts it may not be as serious, but — in general lines —  if you're called a pajero or a hajera , there may be some of your behavior you need to review. 

The era of the “medapaja”

It's not easy times for anyone, we know that. We are in a complicated year and it is quite common to feel unmotivated, unwilling and with little patience. Then, more than ever,  everything gives us straw . What do we mean when we say something “gives us straw”? That gives us  fiaca , that we don't feel like doing it, that we don't find a good reason to leave our armchair and start the activity.

The phrase can be applied in different contexts:

- Are we going to run?

- Nooo, friend. He gives me straw.

Or also:

- Did you answer the message?

- No, it gives me straw.

As if this were not enough,  it is also possible to “have straw”.  In other words, it is not enough for us to have a specific situation or activity give us straw,  there is also a state of permanent straw  , for no reason. That's when we say,  “Today I have a terrible straw”  or — why not —  “I'm a jerk”  (and in this case it has nothing to do with  sexual intercourse ).

In addition,  something can also be “a straw”  (and we are not talking about touching each other):

- Did your car break?

- Yeah, a straw!

Another example:

- Did you do the procedure?

“ Yes, what straw!

It's all happened to us, there's nothing to worry about.  The era of “medapaja” is a common evil . And it affects, above all, the younger generations, who were born glued to a  screen . A little bit of straw is fine, but a lot is already excess (and yes, I'm talking about both). But we can reverse it.  When you're on a lot of straw, activate.  Do not wait for motivation to magically appear. Change the direction of the wheel, beat the routine. For a world with fewer jerks, ladies and gentlemen.

Publication Date: 30/10/2020

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