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In Santa Fe we walk “to the farts”

When someone comes driving at full speed, or leaves everything and runs to do something else, we say they're “farts.” Did you know the expression?

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As happens in many Argentine cities, walking through the  streets  of Santa Fe is a bit dangerous. In  Santa Fe , we not only have a very particular interpretation of  transit rules, but on our streets you can meet motorists or motorists who come  to fart  . Didn't you know this  expression ?  If you knew her, we have a news for you: we invented it in Santa Fe.

That thesis isn't checked, but at least I'm encouraged to hold it. Let's see: all the  creative  variants in which Argentines put the word fart:  in fart  (drunk),  fart  (lucky),  fart  (with nothing to do),  fart  (challenge) and many more. But, in chatting with non-Santafesinos, I had to notice that the term  to farts   is not so widespread outside our province . At most we can dispute the word with the Cordobeses. But let's be honest, it's not fair that they are the owners of all the Argentinian funny  sayings  .  The fart  is Santafesino, and we close it there.

Why do we use this particular expression to say that someone is heading at high  speed ?

I risk  three possible hypotheses :

A: The easiest to deduce. By the rush to get to the bathroom and go body, physiological activity usually preceded by the emission of gases.

B: Because it is an allegory between the exhaust pipe and the back of the human figure.

C: To relate the release of gases with a  propulsion system, jet plane type.

Well. Now you know. If you didn't know the expression of walking to fart to describe something that goes fast, in this note we enriched your vocabulary. If you knew it, here we confirm that  copyright is Santafesino . At least, we're the first to hold it.

 We suggest you continue reading the following notes: 

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Publication Date: 08/06/2020

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