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In Misiones it rains a lot (with elle)

Pronouncing words with “elle” is something typical of Misiones. If you hear many “elles” together, it's because you're close to a missionary.

It's proven. If a missionary moves to a foreign country, he can change many things. His work, his routine, his tastes, he can even stop taking  mate !, but there is something that can't change. Something that, even doing all his strength to modify it, couldn't do it. We're talking about her  elle .  This is his real  distinctive brand , la elle . In Misiones this sound appears when words like “rain”, “call”, “cry”, etc.

 The superclassic: sheistas vs. lleístas  

Like the porteños with the “sh”, missionaries cannot make the “elle” disappear from their  way of speaking .  When both are found, short circuits occur . “I  shamo  you tomorrow,” says the man born in Buenos Aires. “I  love  you tomorrow,” retrucates the missionary. One of us is not playing local.

This innocent dispute is recreated every time a young missionary goes on a study trip to Buenos Aires. It also happens when Buenos Aires tourists visit the province of  Misiones . But who is right?What does the SAR say?

 The RAE says 

The “elle” is no longer part of the  dictionary , it is now recognized as double ele. On the other hand,  according to the  SAR  all the ways to pronounce it are correct . Since, throughout the Argentine territory, there are several ways to do it. “Rain”, “yuvia”, “liuvia” or “shuvia” are all valid pronunciations.

 And in the end... Is it raining a lot in Misiones? 

Pronounce how you pronounce, the truth is that in Misiones it rains a lot. But so much? In 2015, the painting company Alba conducted an advertising campaign with the slogan “The challenge of climate”. In it (with her) they traveled to a fictional missionary town called “Las Orquídeas”.  According to propaganda, in that town it rained (with it) 100 days a year. 

However, the rains record in Argentina is 3668 mm. The place where this happens is Lake Frías, in the province of Río Negro. Contrary to commercial data, in Misiones rains are distributed more or less equitably throughout the year. The average is 1888 millimeters of rain per year, less than many assume.

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